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API’s Motor Oil Matters Campaign Launches Licensing Drive

The American Petroleum Institute (API) has launched licensing efforts for motor oil distributors and oil-change locations. This endeavor is part of API’s expanded Motor Oil Matters (MOM) campaign. Created to bring together everyone involved in the bulk motor oil chain of custody — including motor oil marketers, distributors, oil-change locations and consumers — MOM is designed to ensure that drivers get the right motor oil for their cars and trucks, every time.

API has been licensing motor oil meeting its performance standards, as well as sampling and testing them in the marketplace, for many years. But monitoring the quality of motor oils sold in bulk has been a challenge. API developed MOM to complement its current oil-quality monitoring program and to provide greater assurance that the industry markets, delivers, and installs high-quality motor oils. This is to be accomplished by maintaining a secure chain-of-custody for bulk motor oil, from the marketer all the way to the vehicle.

The organization has published a standard for establishing motor oil chain of custody, outlining basic procedures to ensure that distributors are able to identify the oil that they deliver to oil-change locations and these locations, in turn, are able to identify the oil they put into customers’ vehicles. Every customer of a MOM-licensed location receives a written receipt with the brand name, viscosity and performance level of the oil installed in his or her car.

API will certify motor oil distributors and oil-change locations, identifying them as businesses committed to delivering quality oils. These distributors and locations will be able to market and advertise themselves as businesses that have successfully implemented API’s new standard, with the goal of assuring customers that they are trusted service providers.

Additionally, efforts will be made to educate consumers about the benefits of using quality motor oils through online, social media and industry events.

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