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Automotix Adds eBay Sales With Local Pickup

Automotix, an online company that sells auto parts for a network of salvage yards, has added eBay sales with local pickup. So far, sales are limited to engines and transmissions. “The niche is, save money and get it quickly,” said Gavin Heathcock, director of business development and sales.

“Shipping such a large part could cost $250. That’s a lot of money,” Heathcock said. “With this, you get a buddy, drive over at lunch and just get it.”

The target customers are DIYers and those who want to buy an engine or transmission for a mechanic to install.

Automotix works with a network of more than 150 salvage yards that covers most regions, Heathcock said. Inventory is updated daily. All Ebay sales are “buy now,” with no bidding, and are covered by a one-year return policy.                        — Sarah Hollander

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