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Board Pulling The Plug On American Car Care Centers

Memphis-based American Car Care Centers (ACCC) began informing dealers and suppliers last week of its board of directors’ decision to dissolve the company by Jan. 31, 2014.

ACCC is an association of locally-owned tire dealers. Since its 1989 formation, the group has grown to encompass a combination of 21 distribution and retail operations forming a network of 1,100-plus points of sale nationwide.

Association management said growth and consolidation of its member-distributors, coupled with changing industry dynamics, led to this decision. After several months of discussion, the board came to the conclusion that ceasing operations it is the right, long-term decision for all involved, according to statement from President and CEO Len Lewin.

ACCC member-distributors will continue to service their independent retail customers and will work with dealers to ease their transition into new marketing programs.

“ACCC has consisted of some of the finest distributors and retailers in the industry,” Lewin said in his statement. “This structural change will not impact their ability to service their customers, nor impede their forward progress in any significant way. They are all seasoned organizations with experience and knowledgeable people. They know how to win. It is now time for them to begin the next chapter.”

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