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Bolt On Adds New Website Product And Training Courses

Bolt On Technology has introduced a new SMS-integrated website for repair shops as well as a new best practices sales training program.

The website program, called Pit Stop, provides shops with a customizable site that connects with their management system. Available for a monthly fee, Pit Stop offers search engine optimization (SEO) capabilities, displays key services, tells a story about users’ businesses and allows customers to book an appointment online.

The company plans to target shops with no website presence or a poor or dated looking site, as well as those with a well-designed site that’s not integrated into their shop management system.

Bolt On’s new management course is called “How to Supercharge Your Sales.” Bolt On partnered with shop management coaching firm, Elite, late last year and began hosting a series of training webinars for shop owners.

“Over several months working together — as they were holding the webinars — the companies recognized a need for a one-on-one consulting service that would provide shops a health check on their business,” Tony Defazio, a spokesman for Bolt On, said.

Elite now offers Bolt On customers a free, in-person class customized to an individual shop’s needs based on its current sales revenue, goals, services offered, etc.

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