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Bosch Developing New Diesel Service Network

Robert Bosch LLC is developing an independent repair network in North America of shops equipped to diagnose and service diesel vehicles. Like the Bosch Car Service Program, the Diesel Vehicle Diagnostics program will help consumers find independent repair shops offering leading diagnostics and service for all passenger cars, light-duty trucks and SUVs running on diesel fuel.

“Near-zero emissions, enhanced performance and better fuel economy of a diesel engine are driving the growing acceptance and popularity of diesel vehicles among consumers. In fact, research indicates that the first-time buyer is even willing to pay a small premium for it,” said Mark Polke, director of service workshops concept and technical support services at Bosch. “However, diesel technology on automobiles is markedly different from cars running on gasoline engines. Considering that the number of consumers considering the purchase of diesel-fueled vehicles has grown from 12 percent to 30 percent in the last few years, it is the perfect time for Bosch to offer a diesel servicing program, based on our extensive knowledge and experience with diesel vehicle technology.”

The Diesel Vehicle Diagnostics program is an upgrade from Bosch’s current diesel drive-in repair program (Diesel Service Center). To qualify for the new program, a shop must have:
• Technical expertise in the area of diesel vehicle repair;
• Technicians certified in diesel service;
• Acompany focus on continued training;
• Above-average customer service skills;
• A clean, professional and organized facility; and
• A commitment to use Bosch parts and equipment.

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