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Bridgestone Americas Launches New Firestone Ad Campaign

Bridgestone Americas has launched a new Firestone brand campaign that depicts the tiremaker and service center network operator as a car company. It emphasizes that Firestone has more than 112 years of tire experience and 86 years of service experience, and has serviced 11,000 makes/models and more than 500 million vehicles over the last 86 years.

“People are keeping their cars — be it Chevys, Toyotas or BMWs – now longer than ever (on average 10.8 years) and are in need of a trusted partner to keep them running stronger for the long haul,” explained Philip Dobbs, chief marketing officer of Bridgestone Americas Tire Operations (BATO). “Firestone, with its extensive line of durable and dependable tires and more than 1,600 Firestone Complete Auto Care automotive service centers and its broader Family Dealer network nationwide, is that trusted partner. We created this brand campaign to celebrate the many stages of our lives, and how Firestone helps you reach your destination – time after time after time.”

The commercials used scene set-ups typical of a new car commercial, yet casted more seasoned makes and models as the stars of the ads. The campaign, titled “Drive a Firestone,” is the creative work of Chicago-based Leo Burnett, BATO’s recently selected agency for the multi-faceted Firestone brand.

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