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Canadian Drivers Also Deferring Essential Maintenance, Repairs

Canadians are tightening their purse strings and driving their vehicles longer than ever before, according to the 2011 Canadian Automotive Demand Study produced by AIA Canada in cooperation with DesRosiers Automotive Consultants. The study, which examined the habits of Canadian motorists, found that the average Canadian vehicle is 8.52 years old and aging. In 2011, vehicles between the ages of six and 12 increased by 2 million units, rising from 38.3 percent to 41.8 percent of Canada’s total vehicle fleet.

Notwithstanding the increasing age of their vehicles, many Canadian drivers are delaying essential vehicle maintenance and repairs … or simply not performing any at all.

Potential industry demand for maintenance and repairs is CDN$30.40 billion annually, while actual services performed is CDN$18.49 billion, according to the study. 
If all Canadians were to maintain their vehicle as recommended, an additional CDN$11.91 billion would flow into all levels of the supply chain.