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Dealership Partner Launches Wheel Repair Service

Editor’s Note: The following is an interesting look at how auto dealers are looking for ways to broaden the services they can provide to their service customers. More and more, they are looking to go head-to-head against the independent auto care industry on more than just tires and quick-lube services.

The Kenilworth, NJ-based Auto Action Group — a premier service provider to dealerships in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania — has launched a new wheel repair division within its Tri-State service area. Jared Cohen, president of Auto Action, said that, as with every offering of his business, the goal is to help dealerships improve their profits. “Wheel repair is a lucrative, growing service category for dealerships because it plays into a car owner’s love for his or her car,” Cohen explained. “Great-looking wheels make the right impression, so owners are motivated to keep them looking great.”

Auto Action’s equipment removes dents and scrapes from wheel edges and surfaces, as well as returns bent wheels to manufacturer’s specifications. In addition, the company’s offerings include the ability to repair and restore machine-finished wheels — a service not available from mobile wheel repair businesses because of the equipment required.

Wheel repair is the latest in a series of cosmetic enhancement services that Auto Action has debuted in the past few months, including vinyl roof wrapping and vehicle-specific trim accessory packages. Also recently introduced is the ability to paint rims any color to match a customized vehicle’s paint or decor.

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