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Hennessy Industries Drops Infringement Suit Against Perfect Equipment

Hennessy Industries (Bowling Green, KY) has dismissed its own patent infringement lawsuit against Murfreesboro, TN-based Perfect Equipment. A specific reason for the dismissal is unknown.

Court documents don’t explain why Hennessy dropped the suit, and the company did not respond to our attempt to get an explanation. A representative from Perfect Equipment told Service Executive: “There was a dispute between Hennessy and Perfect, and that dispute has been resolved.” No further information was provided.

Back in May, Hennessey filed a complaint in U.S. district court saying that Perfect Equipment has made, used, sold, offered for sale and/or imported steel clip-on wheel weights that allegedly violate a patent owned by Hennessy. The complaint calls out the following series as being in violation: The PST-Series, AWST-Series, MCST-Series, LHST-Series, IAWST-Series, ENST-Series, FNST-Series and TST-Series.

Hennessy asked the court to determine that Perfect Equipment had infringed on the patent, to permanently stop Perfect Equipment and all others acting in concert with the company from further infringing on the patent, and to award damages to Hennessy to compensate for the alleged infringement.

Hennessy dismissed its suit in August before Perfect Equipment had filed an answer to Hennessy’s complaint.

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