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iATN Offers New Program For Schools

The International Automotive Technicians Network (iATN) is offering a new program that allows automotive instructors to activate iATN’s premium-access membership features for their school’s current students and automotive instructors. With this program, instructors and students can use iATN in the classroom to learn from the real-world auto repair experiences posted on the network, as well as access additional features, including its search engine to peruse Knowledge Base documents in the FIX Database, Forum Archives and Waveform Library.

“Back in 2011, we launched the student membership program that was well received. Since that time, as I’ve visited campuses and spoken with instructors, it became clear that there was more we could do to provide a higher level of access for students,” said Scott Brown, iATN president. “Beginning in January, we designed the new premium-access program that brings many of iATN’s valuable assets to the schools for students to take advantage of in the classroom.

“With this new program, the student has the opportunity to see what’s occurring within the industry they are about to enter, which should bring a higher level of preparedness to the individuals taking advantage of this offer.”

The premium-access program for schools is available for a single fee of $45 per month, per school location.

iATN also is lowering the age requirement for student memberships from 18 years to 16 years to accommodate requests from high school instructors who were interested in using iATN in the classroom but ineligible because of the age of their students. With student memberships, instructors can invite their students onto iATN and have a “read-only” account to use in the classroom.

Student memberships are available to students who are attending automotive educational training courses at a high school, college, vocational school or similar institution, and are referred by an instructor who is an existing iATN member. The “read only” caveat is in place until students “graduate” to a full membership, at which time they are able to post to iATN.

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