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Kukui Partners With Virtual Service Advisor

Kukui Corp., a developer of marketing software for the auto repair industry, is teaming with Virtual Service Advisor, a new customer communications program. The program, which can be integrated with Kukui’s marketing platform, features custom-made, pre-appointment interview forms that are sent to customers in advance, allowing them to offer additional information about their service needs without feeling rushed at a service counter. The idea is that having this information will help shops process tickets faster and sell more service.

With this partnership, Kukui customers are able to sign up for the Virtual Service Advisor at a 30-percent discount. The price includes custom forms, headers and full analytic integration into the Kukui portal. Kukui is offering to waive design fees for Virtual Service Advisor clients that want to subscribe to the Kukui platform.

Kukui provides data on how much business a shop owner’s marketing channels are generating. The company’s product suite also includes smart web pages optimized to boost sales conversion rates, a content management system that is integrated with a shop’s point-of-sale system, and customer retention tools, including email service reminders.

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