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Meineke Launches Its Own Telematics, WiFi Device

Meineke Car Care Centers has debuted a vehicle connectivity system called Meineke Revvy that connects to a vehicle’s onboard diagnostic system for vehicle performance monitoring and onboard WiFi service. Built on the Vinli platform, with 4G LTE service from T-Mobile, Meineke Revvy monitors a vehicle’s diagnostic codes, fuel mileage, performance and driving style.

With Meineke Revvy, drivers can access their dashboard and download a daily “Driver Score” and performance report, including …
• Vehicle diagnostics and engine codes;
• Miles driven and location of vehicle;
• Average and top speeds;
• Hard brakes and acceleration;
• Fuel used and efficiency (MPG);
• Engine load;
• Travel routes and travel time;
• WiFi hotspot data usage; and
• Where the vehicle was last parked.

In the event of a “check engine” issue, Meineke Revvy notifies the driver that maintenance or repairs are needed, and contacts a local Meineke shop to arrange an appointment.

Meineke Revvy costs $129.99 and is available at to be shipped to consumers. The company expects it to be available at its shops in mid-December. Each Revvy device comes with a complimentary synthetic-blend oil change. (Vouchers will be provided with shipments.)

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