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Mitchell 1 Debuts New Customer Communication Tool, Updates ProDemand Software

Mitchell 1 has introduced a new customer communication tool called ProPack. It is for Mitchell 1’s Manager family of shop-management software. ProPack includes the following:
Message Pro, which is designed to give shops the ability to communicate with vehicle owners via text messaging.
Report Pro, which provides a new way to print customer invoices, technician worksheets, custom multipoint inspections and other reports not currently available in Mitchell 1 Manager.
Lube Sticker Pro, which allows shops to print windshield reminders with a shop’s logo, as well as configure the sticker for good/better/best service.

In related news, Mitchell 1 has updated its ProDemand repair information software with a new feature that allows technicians to view the top lookups for each vehicle — as many as 10 of the top components, specific to each year/make/model combination. The list is dynamic, with results updated in real time.

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