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Mudlick Mail Adds B2B Service

Acworth, GA-based direct mail provider Mudlick Mail is making its marketing campaigns available to companies that sell their products and services to fellow businesses, rather than consumers. The expansion into the business-to-business market represents a new strategy for Mudlick. The company has provided business-to-consumer campaigns in the dental and auto repair industries since its founding in 2008.

Mudlick plans to use the experience it has gained to help other companies target the businesses they want to reach. For example, the company could help a tire manufacturer searching for repair shops that stock their products. To create its lists, Mudlick obtains data from suppliers and combines that information with the data it has already established in-house.

And, as it does in the B2C market, Mudlick offers a turn-key suite of services, including postcard design, printing, listing services, postage, delivery, and tracking analysis for a flat fee and without a long-term contract requirement.

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