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Mudlick Mail Launches Analytics Tool

Acworth, GA-based Mudlick Mail has developed an analytics tool to help repair shop owners better evaluate their direct mail campaigns. The Mudlick Analytics Program tracks the entire process of a campaign, from mailing to customer conversion.

Mudlick Analytics ties into a shop owner’s point-of-sale (POS) system and generates reports on such information as customer repair orders and the average spent per visit. The tool can then cross-reference that data to determine whether those customers came from areas where direct mail campaigns were conducted.

The information can help clients discover what percentage of its customers came from which ZIP codes, allowing them to make adjustments if certain ZIP codes or neighborhoods aren’t producing a strong response rate. The program also can offer operators insight into their retention rates by examining the frequency of customer visits.

Mudlick Mail is offering the tool as a supplement to its existing services at no additional charge.

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