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NASTF Elects New Board Members

AASA president Bill Long and Bill Moss, owner of Euro Service Automotive (Warrenton, VA), have been elected to the NASTF board of directors. Additionally, Steve Douglas, environmental affairs director for the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers, has been elected to the board officer position treasurer/secretary.

Long steps in at NASTF as the AASA/MEMA representative, as Steve Handschuh, a long-time NASTF board member, was promoted at MEMA and unable to continue his NASTF responsibilities. Handschuh has served as NASTF treasurer/secretary, which generated the vacancy filled by Douglas, who is an existing member of the NASTF board.

Moss was nominated by the ASA board to represent the association on the NASTF board of directors following the departure of Ron Pyle. Moss is the mechanical division director at ASA in addition to his primary role as owner of a four-bay European vehicle specialty shop in suburban Washington, DC.

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