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Holstein Parts: Automotive Aftermarket Data Applications Analyst


Holstein Parts is seeking an automotive aftermarket data applications analyst to join their company. The analyst will report to the president and is a full-time position. The work requires a specific set of skills and knowledge around the automotive parts industry and provides an exciting opportunity to grow with a company that is expanding rapidly.

Responsibilities and Duties

In the role of Automotive Aftermarket Data Applications Analyst, the following responsibilities and duties are expected:

• Analyze existing Holstein product information, make recommendations for improvement or correction, and implement the approved changes – including vehicle fitment and application information through OEM and competitor research
• Review new information for Holstein products and update the product information management system (PIM) with the new data – look for gaps in applications and seek to fill the gaps accurately
• Provide high quality data entry and analytics skills to ensure the best data is used to facilitate the sale of Holstein products
• Process and deliver UPC/GTIN barcodes for products
• Load data from third party providers to be used for market research, analysis, and product data improvements – including OE application information
• Export and deliver the best quality data to Holstein customers to improve sales and the overall customer experience
• Analyze price data and provide recommendations to insure competitive positioning in the market
• Work with Holstein management, customers and sales teams, receiving feedback, setting priorities, and implementing updates in a timely and accurate process – this can include identifying a missing application and validating, then providing updated information for use
• Assists in the development of processes to ensure data integrity is maintained, data delivery is on time and the sales team is supported with the reports needed to maintain customers expectations
• Seek ways to improve the process to speed data delivery and improve quality – this may include scheduled reviews for specific product types, gather metrics on how the data is impacting sales, and analyzing any common issues that may require adjustment
• Participate in the AutoCare Industry discussion groups, representing Holstein as their automotive data analyst, and stay up to date on new data standards including PIES, ACES, and other standards
• Utilize exceptional skills to identify missing coverage in applications, identify solutions, update systems to reflect the new data, and deliver data to Holstein Parts customers
• Track activities and productivity to demonstrate return on investment for the Holstein Parts data content team
• Generate reports to demonstrate applications that were found, updated, and resolved monthly

Qualifications and Skills

The ideal candidate for Automotive Data Analyst will possess the following qualifications and skills:

• Working knowledge of AutoCare industry data standards, including PIES, ACES, VCdv, PCdb, Qdb, and others
• Possess a high attention to detail, as accuracy and quality are of the utmost importance
• Ability to work autonomously, making important decisions using large amounts of product data
• Strong desire to learn and grow with the business, with a strong work ethic and drive to complete assignments quickly
• Understanding of how automotive product data impacts sales throughout the supply chain
3-5 years experience working with automotive parts application data – this can include analyzing data for missing coverage, updating product data, using PIM systems, and other relevant experience
• Experience with any of these tools is an advantage:
• Experian
• IHS Polk
• Solenium/Talking Pictures/Visual SKUs
• Experience in leveraging VIO reports and other market reports to identify vehicle application opportunities and implement to improve Holstein Parts market coverage
• Expertise in using excel and other Microsoft Office tools to aid in analyzing, importing, and exporting data – this includes experience with applying data filters, VLOOKUP, and other tools to improve and update data
• Understand industry terminology and acronyms such as VIO, ROI, OE, applications, aftermarket, interchange, and others
• Technical mindset for analyzing products, technical drawings and blueprints
• OE parts experience is a plus
• ASE parts certification is a plus
• Exhibit strong delivery skills – must be able to deliver on time and high-quality data
• Team atmosphere – “Get it done” attitude that fits into the Holstein Parts culture
• Minimal IT experience is needed
• Proven communication skills both verbal and written; email and business writing is essential
• Analytic and research skills – must be able to analyze thousands of records, find areas to correct or improve, and then make the changes needed in a timely manner
• Ability to take feedback from Holstein customers and sales teams, prioritize, and respond in a timely manner with appropriate resolutions
• Interest in growing with a company that is ready to expand its presence in the US and abroad
• Ability to travel to Holstein Parts headquarters in Florida and to industry events – travel is expected to be about 10% of the time
• Must adhere and meet the Service Level Agreement standards for Holstein Parts

Salary and Benefits

Persons who are offered the Automotive Data Analyst position will receive the following:

• Full time in office salaried position – 40 hours Monday – Friday, weekends as necessary
• Flexible hours
• Health Insurance ( 80% paid by employer)
• Dental insurance
• Vision Insurance
• PTO – paid time off and sick leave
• Disability insurance
• Life Insurance
• Retirement plan w/ employer match
• Ability to learn and grow with a fast-moving company
• Opportunity to grow into new positions at Holstein such as product management
• Holiday pay

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