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Spectra Premium Industries: Category Manager

Spectra Premium Industries, a leading North American Auto Parts Manufacturer, is seeking a Category Manager (CM) for the North American market. The CM’s primary responsibility is to enable Spectra Premium and their customers to grow sales through objective category expertise in order to deliver the best possible distribution, pricing, merchandising and promotional results.

This position will leverage industry data, market trends, customer insights, and other quantifiable sources to implement fact base selling and actionable strategies that drive category growth and profitability. The CM will develop and maintain customer alignment through on-going dialogue with customer category leaders and managers. The CM will also work in concert with internal team leaders to achieve the customer’s business strategy including customer penetration, marketing/sales program implementation, operations/promotion financial management and new product development plans and programs. Please click here to submit resume: https://www.spectrapremium.com/en/company/careers