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NHTSA Writes New State Vehicle Inspection Guidelines

NHTSA is seeking comments on its revised guidelines for periodic motor vehicle inspections at the state level. The U.S. agency writes that each state should have a program for the periodic inspection of all registered vehicles and that vehicle owners should be required to correct any unsafe conditions found during an inspection.

According to NHTSA’s new guidelines, such an inspection program should provide (at a minimum) that …

• Every vehicle registered in the state is inspected at the time of initial registration and on a periodic basis thereafter.

• The inspection is performed by competent personnel specifically trained to perform their duties and certified by the state.

• The inspection covers systems, subsystems and components having substantial relation to safe vehicle performance.

• Each inspection station maintains records, including (at least) class of vehicle, date of inspection, make of vehicle, model year, VIN, defects by category, identification of inspector, and mileage or odometer reading.

• The state publishes summaries of records of all inspection stations at least annually, including tabulations by make and model of vehicle.

Additional details on NHTSA’s proposed guidelines, as well as information on how to submit comments, can be found here. NHTSA is taking comments until July 20.

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