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Obituary: Doug Wallace, Mister Transmission COO

Doug Wallace, chief operating officer of Mister Transmission (International) Ltd., died Sept. 21 after what his family called “an unfortunate accident.” He was 56. Wallace was working as an operating partner at Responsive Brands when it bought Mrister Transmission International last November. He was named COO of the company, Canada’s largest chain of transmission and driveline repair shops.

“He was truly an entrepreneur at heart and absolutely loved his new job,” his wife, Sharon, said in a statement.

Previously, Wallace worked as an account manager for Epicor Software and held sales jobs with IBM and Mid-Range Computers. Wallace moved frequently as a young man and loved playing hockey. That combination led to a lifelong goal to never make enemies, his wife said. He never knew when he’d move and end up playing for a team he once opposed. He took that lesson to heart in both business and personal relationships, she said.

In addition to his wife, survivors include son Colin and daughter Megan.

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