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OEConnection Tool Helps Dealerships Target DIYers

Richfield, OH-based OEConnection has introduced new parts e-commerce technology for automotive dealerships designed to help them engage DIYers and other online, direct-buying consumers. Featuring a customizable, dealer-branded website, ConsumerLink gives consumers access to a replacement parts ordering platform that includes OEM parts catalogs, detailed parts diagrams and VIN-decoding capabilities to help users identify the parts needed for their vehicle repair.

ConsumerLink promises dealers quick and easy integration with their current dealer websites as well as the ability to be implemented as a stand-alone website. And, the technology allows dealers to process orders within their existing OEConnection e-commerce platform. According to the company, OEConnection systems are used by more than 13,000 franchise automotive dealerships across North America.

ConsumerLink includes customizable pricing and promotions tools; multiple delivery and payment options, including all major credit cards; and built-in reporting and analysis tools, providing dealers with data about their online sales and customers.

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