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R.O. Writer Is Being Integrated With DST TurboParts

Progressive Automotive Systems’ R.O. Writer shop management software for auto repair, quick lube and tire shops is being integrated with DST TurboParts, an aftermarket e-commerce engine. TurboParts is a bolt-on solution that is compatible with the computer systems and software R.O. Writer customers’ parts distributors are running.

Integrating the TurboParts suite of products, including its private-labeled versions, with R.O. Writer makes it possible for shops using Epicor data to connect to DST’s e-commerce engine directly from repair orders, allowing them to interact with the electronic catalog, buyer’s guide and interchange to perform stock checks and order parts at their specific pricing from parts distributors who also use DST e-commerce engines. And, product orders will transfer onto customer repair orders, enhancing shop operations by helping to reduce costs and improve accuracy.