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SAE Re-Examination Calls R-1234yf ‘Safe’ And ‘Effective’

An SAE International cooperative research project team has issued preliminary results from its re-examination of R-1234yf refrigerant, concluding that the product is safe and effective to use in automotive applications. The group also has stated that the risk of passenger exposure to a vehicle fire associated with this refrigerant is exceptionally remote.

In September, Daimler announced that it had developed a new test method that demonstrated an additional risk of post-collision fires in vehicles using R-1234yf. In response, SAE formed a team to further evaluate the safety of R-1234yf. The team has concluded that the refrigerant release testing conducted by Daimler is unrealistic and that it is not an appropriate test to verify the safety of refrigerant applications in vehicles.

The SAE team is finalizing its report and is targeting June for publication.

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