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Service Executive Issue #02-13 (Full)

New Meineke/Econo Lube Prototype Debuts

Driven Brands — the parent company to six franchised automotive brands, including Meineke Car Care Centers, Econo Lube N’ Tune and Maaco — has opened a new prototype Meineke/Econo Lube location on Beatties Ford Road in Charlotte, NC. The co-branded facility, which the company refers to as “Meineke of the Future,” is 5,334 square feet, which is larger than most existing Meineke and Econo Lube structures.

The prototype was constructed to handle more than 150 oil changes per week, with more lube pits and lanes plus dispensing and waste oil equipment than a typical Econo Lube. The shop also has a large inventory of tires, as well as the necessary tire changer and balancing and alignment equipment to handle tire changes. The new prototype can handle twice as many customers per week as other co-branded centers and more than three times as many customers as a normal Meineke location.

“This new center showcases the best of Meineke and Econo Lube under a single roof,” said Dave Schaefers, senior vice president of franchise development. “The seven-bay facility has already experienced great weekly car count up there with some of our highest-producing centers. We are very excited about the latest addition to Driven Brands and look forward to new franchisees using this build out.”

The company’s growth projections for Meineke call for about 70 to 80 new franchises to be added in each of the next three years, with a total of roughly 180 to 200 franchises added by the end of 2014.

Meanwhile, Driven Brands plans to continue expanding Maaco’s presence in markets across the United States, and growth projections call for approximately 165 additional new centers to be opened by 2014. Markets targeted for expansion include Baltimore, Buffalo, Chicago, Cleveland, Dallas, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Phoenix, Pittsburgh and Rochester, NY.


NEW…Spectra Premium: Category Management Associate

Spectra Premium Industries, a leading North American Auto Parts Manufacturer, is seeking a Category Management Associate to be responsible for co-ordinating, validating and planning the analysis of new part introduction information in regards to the Service Parts category for the North American market. Other functions include sourcing and providing assistance in the maintenance of quality standards of the products. This person will work in collaboration with fellow colleagues and both the V.P. Aftermarket Sourcing and International Development and V.P Aftermarket Sales and Marketing. Additional responsibilities will include providing assistance with regard to the category’s purchasing, sales, technical, training, marketing, quality control, ecommerce and product management.

Qualified candidates please forward your cover letter and resume to



Monro Muffler Brake Reports 17% Drop In Net Income

The third quarter of fiscal 2013 (the three months ended Dec. 29, 2012) was a challenging one for Monro Muffler Brake both on the top-line and on the bottom-line. While net sales increased $13.70 million, or 7.8 percent, to $190.77 million, the entire year-over-year sales increase came as the result of sales from new stores, including recently acquired stores, of $23 million.

Comparable-store sales fell 5.9 percent. Adjusting for days, comps decreased 4.9 percent on top of a 1.3-percent decrease a year ago. Comparable-store sales (adjusting for days) were flat in the maintenance services category, and down 2 percent for tires, down 6 percent for alignments, down 9 percent for front end/shocks, down 12 percent for brakes and down 20 percent for exhaust.

“The challenging economic environment continues to weigh heavily on our customers, and the weather did not provide the tailwind we had anticipated in the third quarter with the exception of the last two weeks of December, during which our markets received significant snowfall and comparable-store sales increased 10 percent,” said John Van Heel, Monro’s president and CEO. “Our customers continue to delay purchases and trade down from higher-cost automotive maintenance and repair purchases. Notably, comparable-store oil change units were flat year-over-year, demonstrating that customers continue to perform basic maintenance on their vehicles and continue to perform that basic maintenance at our stores.”

Monro’s gross margin decreased from 38.4 percent a year ago to 36.6 percent for the three months ended Dec. 29, 2012, attributable to a sales mix shift to lower-margin tire and service categories and a loss of leverage because of weaker year-over-year comparable-store sales. Total operating expenses were up. The company’s net income dropped 16.9 percent to $11.26 million in the third quarter of fiscal 2013.

“Our long-term outlook for the industry and company is very positive, though, near-term, visibility remains cloudy and we expect trends will continue to be choppy in our geographic regions as the economic environment weighs on consumer purchasing behavior,” Van Heel said. “Trends to-date in January have remained challenged as a result of these economic issues and lack of snow in our markets.”

Looking ahead, management expects Monro’s comparable-store sales (adjusted for days) to decrease between 9 percent and 6 percent in the fourth quarter of fiscal 2013. For the full year, comps are expected to fall between 5.5 percent and 6.5 percent. Management also expects Monro’s total sales for the year to come in between $725 million and $735 million.

“As we actively manage our business through this challenging environment, we are focused on driving top-line growth and leverage through acquisitions and aggressively reducing costs,” Van Heel said. “Historically, our strong business model has allowed us to continue to improve our market share and expand our operations regardless of the economic or operating environment.

“The key long-term macro-economic trends — specifically, the significant number of vehicles in operation, the increasing average age of those vehicles and the decreasing number of service bays in operation — are unchanged and remain positive for the business. Our significant acquisition growth achieved in fiscal 2013 positions the company for accelerated earnings growth over the next several years, and we continue to see increased acquisition opportunities in this challenging market.”

The company continues to take advantage of increased acquisition opportunities in this tough sales environment. During November and December, Monro completed four acquisitions totaling 79 stores generating roughly $138 million in annualized sales. These transactions fill in existing markets, as well as expand Monro’s footprint into the contiguous states of Tennessee and Kentucky.

Recapping … On Nov. 18, Monro acquired 31 Tire Barn stores with annual sales of roughly $64 million. The stores, which offer tires and alignment services similar to the company’s Tire Warehouse brand, include 27 stores in Indiana, one store in Illinois and three stores in Tennessee.

On Dec. 16, the company acquired 27 Towery’s Tire & Auto Care stores located in Louisville and Lexington, KY, as well as a related wholesale business that, combined, represent approximately $54 million in annualized sales.

On Dec 30, Monro completed the acquisition of 12 Enger Tire stores in northern Ohio, as well as nine Tire King stores in Durham, NC. The Enger Tire stores generate annual sales of roughly $9 million, while the Tire King stores generate annual sales of approximately $11 million.

Management intends to operate the Tire Barn and Towery stores under their existing brands, while the Enger Tire and Tire King locations will be rebranded as Mr. Tire.

In all, Monro added 65 locations during the quarter, giving the company a total of 918 stores by quarter’s end.


NEW…Wanted: Territory Sales Manager for the Southwest and Southeast.

National Tool supplier is looking for a Traveling Territory Manager to call on accounts in the Southwest and Southeast. Qualifications include minimum 5 years of experience in the automotive aftermarket, experience calling on the accounts in the territory and knowledge of automotive systems and the tools required to work on them. Traveling 40 weeks a year will be required. A College degree is preferred but not a requirement. Applicant should be proficient in the use of all Microsoft Office Applications. Salary, commission and car allowance included. Company is looking for Applicants living in the Atlanta metro area.

Please respond to:
Subject Line = 2-13TSM



Study: Consumers Trust Independent Shops Over Dealerships

An online survey on auto repair conducted by found that, while consumers are generally satisfied with their dealership experience, they trust independent repair shops over dealerships for auto repairs by two to one (67 percent to 33 percent). Better prices and mechanic relationships were the keys for independent repair shop preference, with 80 percent surveyed reporting that they felt they had been overcharged for a repair at a dealership and more than 90 percent believing that they can save at least 10 percent by visiting an independent shop.

And, according to the AutoMD survey, this notion that dealerships are more expensive isn’t just a perception. Of respondents who said they comparison-shopped repair job quotes, 87 percent indicated that independent shop quotes were more affordable than dealership quotes.

“We conducted this snapshot survey to provide a window into how today’s car owners feel about their repair shop/dealership service center options, and found that price and relationships are making consumers push the independent trigger — unless their vehicle is under a dealership warranty,” said Brian Hafer, vice president of marketing for Carson, CA-based AutoMD. “But, with so many aging cars now falling outside the warranty, this survey indicates that consumers are going to compare repair quotes and then go where they believe the price is right.”

According to AutoMD, it’s not all bad news for dealerships: 47 percent of those who used dealership service centers said they were either satisfied or very satisfied with their experience, with 23 percent feeling neutral. However, of those who were dissatisfied with their dealership experience (30 percent), the belief that they had been overcharged was the No.-1 driver of dissatisfaction. And, of the 33 percent who said that they trust the dealership more than the independent shop for repairs, 60 percent cited the dealership mechanic’s knowledge of and familiarity with their particular model as the reason for their preference.

But it would appear that, of those who go to the dealership for repairs, the vast majority are only doing so because their vehicle is under warranty or recall, as 83 percent indicated that they would not have chosen the dealership if their vehicle hadn’t been under warranty/recall. The top reason? Repairs at the dealership are more expensive than at the independent repair shop (51 percent).

The AutoMD survey was conducted online among more than 3,000 car owners from Nov. 2 to Dec. 12, 2012.


Territory Sales Manager for the Southwest and Southeast

Tool supplier looking for a Territory Manager to develop and manage sales in the Southwest and Southeast. Must have minimum 5 years experience in the automotive aftermarket and prior experience calling on the traditional accounts in the territory. A knowledge of cars and the tools they require is a plus. Heavy travel will be required. College degree preferred. Salary, commission and car allowance included.

Please respond to:
Subject Line = 2-13TSM Directs Customers To Oil Change Deals

Several months into launching, a website that directs oil change customers to the best deals in their area, the creator says he’s averaging about 1,000 page views a day. If demand grows and the market responds, a smartphone application could follow, owner Erik Sanchez said.

Sanchez launched the site in April 2012. Users search for oil change specials by town or ZIP code via a Google-powered home page. Shops can submit available deals to the site, as can customers who’ve spotted existing coupons. And Sanchez posts many specials as well. “Whatever I can get my hands on, I blog it,” Sanchez said.

On average, site users pay $18 for their oil changes, Sanchez said.

The service is free for shops and users. Sanchez makes money from advertising. has posted deals for about 200 areas, metropolitan and suburban, Sanchez said.

Repair shops have been using discount oil changes as a loss leader for a while now as a way to gain loyal customers for their other repair and maintenance work, so the potential for customer savings is widespread, Sanchez said.

So far, the reaction from shops has been mixed. One shop asked him to take down a coupon because it was being overrun with calls. Other shops appreciate the free exposure, Sanchez said. Independent mechanics and shops can use the site to set rates and compete with the national chains, he said. “If they’re getting hundreds of queries, they’re more than happy,” Sanchez said.

About 100 businesses have submitted coupons for the site so far, he said.

Sanchez, who lives in the Miami area, describes himself as a “webpreneur.” He’s also the founder and CEO of the website, which aims to give musicians an alternate route to radio exposure through musical ads. The popularity of Gas Buddy, the mobile app for finding deals for gas, inspired Sanchez to create                        — Sarah Hollander


ReTech: Operations Manager; Director of Operations

ReTech, an aftermarket manufacture based in Algona, Iowa is looking for a dynamic individual to lead business fulfillment operations.

• Reports to the President and is the senior leader responsible for safety, quality, throughput and cost
• Following LEAN principles: develops and improves all business fulfillment processes
• Seeks out and targets new methods and suppliers, initiates action to establish competitive advantage

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Study: Aftermarket Vehicle Information, Service And Management Apps Gaining In Popularity

The proliferation of connected devices — particularly smartphones and tablets — has accelerated the adoption of vehicle management applications in North America. While infotainment and convenience solutions dominate the automotive apps aftermarket, Frost & Sullivan says the focus is expected to shift toward vehicle service, information and management apps. The firm contends that this shift will ensure long-term revenue opportunities for OEMs, third-party developers and aftermarket participants in North America.

New analysis from Frost & Sullivan, “North American Aftermarket Automotive Apps — Strategic Analysis of Vehicle Information, Service and Management Apps,” indicates that nearly 50 percent of respondents are either familiar with or have used vehicle management apps. The study also found that close to 50 percent of respondents said they are likely to use vehicle management and breakdown assistance apps if they are available inside the vehicle.

The firm points out that vehicle owners accustomed to the connected experience demand greater integration of mobile and in-vehicle apps that will allow them to monitor their vehicles, receive on-the-go services, as well as purchase parts and accessories. This increasing demand enhances the prospects of the North American automotive apps aftermarket.

“The advancement of remote diagnostic and prognostics capabilities will be a turning point for the aftermarket vehicle management apps,” said Frost & Sullivan industry analyst Kumar Saha. “As vehicle owners show greater willingness to invest in apps with effective breakdown assistance and repair or maintenance tracking, revenue generation will increase.”

Frost & Sullivan says several OEMs are looking to offer more comprehensive features along with their basic products through either a subscription or a “freemium” model, in which they gain consumer appeal and then charge a fee. However, monetization of vehicle management apps continues to be a challenge. Aftermarket participants and dealerships primarily use apps as value-added features in their overall e-commerce strategies, limiting opportunities for direct revenue.

While independent third-parties earn the highest revenues through lead generation, advertising and listing-fee models, the firm urges OEMs and aftermarket participants to introduce app-enabled remote diagnostics and prognostics capabilities to ensure revenue generation and to remain competitive.

“Vehicle management apps must include advanced features — such as real-time vehicle monitoring, remote repair and tracking capabilities — to attract payments from vehicle owners,” Saha explained. “Distributors and retailers need to find the right industry partners to introduce these capabilities and generate a new revenue stream.” Expands Product Offering

Thousand Oaks, CA-based Inc. — a website, blog, and online resource that likes women to Certified Female Friendly automotive businesses — is expanding the product offering to its network of certified businesses. New products added to the suite include:
• The AskPatty Certified Customer Friendly Program, a survey system with a built-in marketing tool allowing locations to track and improve upon their customer service results with as many as 30 customer surveys each month.
AskPatty Go Mobile, a mobile marketing program, including mobile website development and maintenance, call tracking, SEO analytics, and a reputation management system.
• An updated AskPatty Go Social program, a social media management system, including Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest management.
AskPatty Go Schedule, technology that connects consumers on directly with a nearby Certified Female Friendly service location and allows them to schedule a service visit on the site.

Coming in the second quarter will be the new Certified Diversity Friendly Program, whose goal is to connect consumers to car dealers, service centers, tire dealers, quick lubes, car washes and more that proudly serve consumers of all races, religions, sexualities and gender identities.

These new products will be available in addition to the flagship product, the Certified Female Friendly program, which offers retailers and their employees training on how to better serve female customers. The program also includes ongoing marketing support in the form of webinars, consultations, email tips and customized promotional material.


ReTech: Drive Train – Business Development Manager

ReTech, an aftermarket manufacture based in Algona, Iowa is looking for the right individual that has Drive Train sales experience that can drive new business opportunities and grow our bottom line.

Sales Position Responsibilities
The candidate is expected to perform the following functions that the company has determined are essential to this position:
The candidate is expected to perform the following functions that the company has determined are essential to this position:
1. Bachelor’s Degree and/or Multiple Years of experience in Drive Train will be considered
2. Understanding of ReTech Products or knowledge of Drive Train Products (Transfer Cases, Shift Motors, Differentials etc.)
3. Experience in Growing Sales, Account Development, Forecasting and Managing Strategic Accounts.
4. Travel (50%) to prospective & client sites.
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Mudlick Mail Adds Direct Marketing Expert

Direct mail provider Mudlick Mail (Acworth, GA) has appointed Sandra Worm to serve as the company’s first vice president. Worm brings more than 25 years of direct marketing experience to her new position. Before joining Mudlick Mail, she spent nearly two decades with direct marketing services company Harte-Hanks, serving in a variety of positions, most recently as vice president of client development. She also developed and launched the Postal Watch newsletter as a publisher with Intertec Publishing.

President Tim Ross said Worm adds depth and insight to Mudlick Mail at a time when the company is expanding into new verticals and new geographic markets. “She has developed and managed multi-channel marketing programs across an array of industries, including the automotive, financial, retail, high-tech, insurance and non-profit arenas.”

In her new role, Worm will help guide the company’s expansion efforts and support Ross in overseeing Mudlick’s operations.

Mudlick says its sales grew from $8 million in 2011 to $11 million in 2012, marking the fourth consecutive year of revenue growth. Mudlick also says its customer base expanded from 500 clients in 2011 to 750 last year. This was due, in part, to expansion into the dental market.

The company began as a provider of direct mail services for auto repair shops.


ETI Launches J-2534 Market Research Study

The Equipment & Tool Institute (ETI) is surveying automotive repair facilities to find out about their familiarity with and use of flash reprogramming tools and any new information involved with flash reprogramming, or J2534 as it is also known. The survey is an update to research done in 2009. ETI plans to use this research to help all segments of the automotive industry provide aftermarket shops with better flash reprogramming solutions.

There will be a presentation on the findings of ETI’s study at ToolTech 2013, which will be held April 23-25 in San Diego. DVDs with the complete study information, including spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations and documents will be made available to all attendees.

Registration is now open for ToolTech. The event includes speakers, roundtable discussions, one-on-one meetings, a product showcase, ETI meetings and more. Click here for more information.


Territory Sales Representative

An established Los Angeles, CA Warehouse Distributor is seeking a Territory Representative. Interested persons must have at least 3 years of automotive aftermarket experience calling on the installer market base. Individual must be self motivated and willing to work in an unsupervised environment. Responsibilities will include maintaining existing accounts and building new accounts with the ultimate objective to grow sales.

Interested candidates should submit a resume to:


Colorado May Extend Emissions Inspection Exemption

Legislation has been proposed in the Colorado General Assembly seeking to exempt vehicles from emissions control inspections if a vehicle is in its 10th model year or newer. Current law exempts vehicles in their fourth model year or newer. The bill (SB13-061) was introduced in the state senate in January. It has been assigned to the senate’s transportation committee.


Bill Seeks To Alter Missouri Vehicle Inspection Program

A bill has been introduced in the Missouri Senate (SB 136) that would replace the state’s biennial motor vehicle inspection system with a triennial one. It has been referred to the senate’s transportation and infrastructure committee. The bill’s sponsor is Sen. David Sater, a Republican.


AAIA Releases Digital Tool & Equipment Purchasing Report

The majority of tool and equipment purchasing decision-makers use the Internet more for seeking information and less for purchasing tools and equipment, according to a recently released study from AAIA called the “2013 Digital Tool & Equipment Purchasing Trends” report.  The two-part study decision-makers’ use of the Internet as a tool and equipment purchasing medium. The first part analyzes tools purchasing, while the second focuses on equipment purchasing.

The report is available for $175 to AAIA members and $350 for non-members. Click here for more information or to purchase this report.


NHTSA Says Over 17.8 Million Products Recalled In 2012

The U.S. Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is reporting that manufacturers filed more than 650 safety recalls, affecting more than 17.80 million vehicles, child seats and vehicle equipment during calendar year 2012. The auto regulatory agency itself influenced the recall of more than 9 million vehicles and 60,000 items of vehicle equipment, including tires and child safety seats, in 2012.


Revolution Supply/Oro-Tek TPMS: Sales Positions

Job Description: We are looking for team member with solid experience in the automotive aftermarket. This person will be responsible for driving sales for the quickly expanding TPMS product segment and our quality line of Wheel Accessories throughout the US market. Additionally, this team member will be responsible for continuous education and training of the market place.


  • Maintaining existing accounts
  • Cultivate new sales opportunities
  • Working with distributors and sales staff in the implementation of new and existing programs in all areas
  • Identify and pursue growth opportunities for our current distributors.
  • In field training of distributors and their customers
  • Manage existing Sales Representative agency relationships

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Honeywell Friction Materials Safety Campaign Honored

Honeywell Friction Materials and its partner the public relations firm Weber Shandwick have been recognized by Bulldog Reporter, a service for PR and corporate communications professionals. The Bendix Brakes for Teen Safety program received from Bulldog Reporter a bronze award in the “Digital/Social Communications Campaign of the Year” category and a silver award in the “Best Use of Video in a Digital/Social Environment” category.

Bendix Brakes for Teen Safety program was designed to educate parents and teens on safe driving and vehicle care by emphasizing the need for proper and timely vehicle maintenance.


Snap-on Business Solutions Announces Global Data Access Agreement

Richfield, OH-based Snap-on Business Solutions (SBS), a division of Snap-on Inc., has reached a global data access agreement with South Korea’s Mobis, which provides aftersales service parts and manufacturers auto parts worldwide for both the Hyundai and Kia. This new data access agreement gives SBS access to global data sets, enabling Snap-on to provide electronic parts catalog technology to Hyundai and Kia distributors across the world.

SBS is a leader in publishing electronic parts catalogs for OEMs and their dealerships around the world. Prior to signing the agreement, SBS worked with Mobis to provide electronic parts catalog products to Hyundai and Kia dealerships in the United States.


WD General Manager/Top Management position – North East United States

Northeastern United States warehouse distributor with multiple stores has an exciting career opportunity for a qualified individual to be part of the Company’s top management team. The position’s responsibilities include:

  • Manage all aspects of the Company’s warehouse and store inventory control systems, including determination of proper stocking levels, new numbers and items for return.
  • Budgeting for and managing the purchasing department
  • Oversee and manage the warehouse shipping, receiving and delivery functions.
  • Identification of areas for improvement, as well as recommending new product lines
  • Interaction on a daily basis with other members of the warehouse and store management teams

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Telematics On NASTF Spring General Meeting Agenda

Charlie Gorman, executive director of the Equipment & Tool Institute (ETI) and chair of the NASTF board of directors, will discuss the role telematics is playing in service efficiency and the consumer’s choice of service facility at the NASTF Spring General Meeting next month.

In his presentation, titled “Why Automakers Should Support Aftermarket Telematics,” Gorman will present survey results from shop owners and offer his insight into telematics in the world of the automaker. Gorman contends that the best telematic solutions in the future may come from open-market development.

The NASTF Spring General Meeting is scheduled for 1:00 to 4:30 pm on Friday, March 8. It will be held in conjunction with VISION2013 at the Overland Park Convention Center near Kansas City. There is no charge to attend the NASTF meeting, but there is a fee to register for other educational sessions at the VISION conference. Click here for more information or to register for VISION.

The agenda for the NASTF Spring General Meeting is available here.


New Event Chairman For NACE

Dan Stander of Fix Auto Highlands Ranch in Littleton, CO will serve as the next event chairman for NACE. He follows Ron Nagy, who has concluded a two-year term as the NACE chairman. Bill Moss, owner of EuroService Automotive in Warrenton, VA, will return for a second term as the event chairman for CARS.

Automotive Service & Repair Week 2013 is scheduled for Oct. 17-19 — with an education conference beginning Wednesday, Oct. 16 — at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas.


NACAT Education Foundation Collaborates With GAAS Scholarship Committee

Applicants at the automotive scholarships website will now be placed in consideration for a $1,500 Larry Cotten Memorial Scholarship from the North American Council of Automotive Teachers (NACAT) Education Foundation. The scholarship goes to a student training to become a collision repair technician.

The Cotten Memorial Scholarship was created in memory of Larry Cotten, an NACAT charter member and former president. His family established the scholarship following his death in 2005 to help pass his passion on to the next generation of collision repair technicians.


Innova: Senior .Net Software Engineer

High tech automotive company in Irvine has an immediate opening for a Senior.Net Software Engineer.

– 5+ years of experience designing and constructing web enabled database driven applications.
– Experience with ASP.NET, C#, AJAX, XHTML, CSS, and object oriented programming
– Experience with Windows Form, WPF development.
– SQL skills including stored procedure development
– Relational database design
– Familiar with design constraints on the web (browser compatibility, browser differences, palette issues)

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ESI’s Bill Haas To Deliver Keynote At ATE

Bill Haas, an automotive coach with the Educational Seminars Institute (ESI), will address “Rewarding Bad Behavior” at the Automotive Training Expo (ATE), slated for March 1-3, in Seatac, WA. His presentation will examine the choices people make in terms of behavior, the examples they set by their behavior, and the difference people can make with their behavior.

Haas also will lead a management session on “Selling the Value Nobody Can Compete With,” designed to help attendees avoid price-based selling by learning to ask powerful questions when talking with customers.

In addition, ESI’s senior instructor and owner, Maylan Newton, will lead three management sessions during ATE. “Handling the Phone Shopper” will address how to convert callers into customers by using consultative and relationship selling to build trust. “Internal Sales: From Technician to Service Advisor” will cover the processes and procedures between technicians and service advisors that make a shop successful. “Hiring 101” will address the basics of hiring the right employee … what to ask, what to know to get the right person for the job, and the value of testing.

ATE will feature more than 80 industry-expert trainers delivering management and mechanical technical training, as well as a trade show and networking opportunities. Click here for more information or to register.


Showpower Organizers Unveil Seminar Line-up

The roster of technical and business seminars has been announced for Showpower 2013, the transmission and undercar expo slated March 21-23 at the Memphis Cook Convention Center in Memphis, TN. The agenda includes:
• A session on how aftermarket shops can compete with new car dealership service departments that use telematics;
• A series of seminars on transmission diagnostics and repairs:
• Undercar sessions on such topics as direct gas injection, catalyst efficiency monitor comebacks, and modern flat-tire and TPMS practices;
• Management seminars on growing your business, handling Internet misinformation, selling value, and branding your business.

Seminars are scheduled for March 21-23. The exhibit floor is open March 22 and 23. For more information, visit


Turtle Wax, Inc.: Category Sales Development Manager

Turtle Wax® is the number one selling brand of car care products in the world with sales in 90 countries. Founded more than 60 years ago in Chicago, the company is recognized for manufacturing appearance and performance car care products for the retail consumer market and the commercial car care and professional detailing industries. We are located in the southwest suburb of Willowbrook

Hybrid of Sales and Category Management for Major Retail Automotive, Grocery and Mass Retail Accounts in the US. This position will be working with the Sales Leadership Team, Marketing and Consumer Insights, to ensure that Company objectives are achieved.

Please go to for full job description of essential functions,
other job duties, qualifications/experience, found under the “contact us” tab



Obituary: Pete Weber, Co-Founder Of Integrated Supply Network

Frederick Peter “Pete” Weber, co-founder of Integrated Supply Network (ISN), an automotive tool and equipment wholesale distribution company, died Jan. 9. He was 73 and had cancer.

Weber began his career with the Chicago Pneumatic Tool Co. and Ace Tool Co. before buying a small business in Lakeland, FL in 1972 with his friend Chuck Anker. Originally named Wholesale Tool Supply, the company eventually grew from eight associates into a nationwide company now called ISN. The company employs more than 250, including Weber’s son, Bruce (the CEO), son Peter and daughter Nellda Clark.

Weber was known as a tough negotiator — a skill that also helped with his passion for poker. “He was a very no b.s. kind of guy; he didn’t give any out, and he didn’t take any,” said Alan Tecmire, who operated a tool truck in the 1980s and met Weber while buying from Wholesale Tool Co. Tecmire, now with Bosch, went to work for Weber at ISN in 2007. “He certainly understood the warehouse distribution tool business extremely well,” he said.

Weber was a leader in private-label brands, including a brand called Mountain. “He went oversees and sourced product, mostly for hand tools and some electric tools,” Tecmire said. “At the time, that was pretty unusual.”

ISN truly cared about outstanding customer service, Tecmire said. For example, the company opened several strategically located distribution centers across the country, making it possible to ship products to most customers within one or two days, he said.

“He was pretty demanding and rode employees pretty tough, but he took care of people, too,” Tecmire said. “Many people worked for him for 20-25 years or more. He was tough but loyal.”

In addition to his three children, Weber is survived by his wife, Judy, and five grandchildren.


O’Rourke Petroleum Buys Penco Oil

O’Rourke Petroleum (Houston) has acquired the Penco Oil Co., expanding the company’s reach and growth potential in east Texas and surrounding states. Based in Tyler, TX, Penco has been a family-owned and -operated distributor of lubricant products and services since 1963. Penco is a Shell distributor that currently offers products from Pennzoil, Quaker State, Castrol and Shell, as well as a variety of related lubricant services.

O’Rourke provides a variety of petroleum products and services, including lubricants, fuels, and related environmental services.


Midwest Air Technologies: Director of Sales

Midwest Air Technologies, Long Grove, IL has an opening for Director of Sales. Responsible for expanding distribution automotive aftermarket, emphasis on the Auto Retailers, identifying new business growth opportunities and project management. Achieve/outperform sales and profit objectives with the existing account bases. Involvement of new product introductions packaging, and development. Reviews market analysis and direct product simplification, standardization.

Min. 7-10 yrs exp in overall sales with major automotive accounts. Min 4-6 years experience dealing with AutoZone, Advance Auto, O’Reilly, Pepboys, etc.

Please respond to:
Subject Line = 1-13DS



Vogue Tyre Appoints New VPs

The Vogue Tyre & Rubber Co., a manufacturer of custom-built tires, has hired Dale Noe as vice president of sales. He brings more than 20 years of sales and management experience, including stints with Kia Motors and American Suzuki.

To partner with Noe, Vogue has promoted Adam Slominsky to vice president of sales. Slominsky, who began his career with Vogue in 2001, was a custom center manager and supervisor, working with dealership customers across the country.

Headquartered in Mt. Prospect, IL, Vogue distributes its products, including aftermarket wheels and accessories, through new car dealerships, tire dealers and company-operated custom centers.


MPI Is Entering The Heavy-Duty Truck Market

Las Vegas-based Mobile Productivity Inc. (MPI), a provider of revenue and retention services for automotive dealership service departments, has announced the launch of Edge WorldClass for HD Truck Shops, a package of products and process training to help truck dealers optimize existing service processes to improve vehicle turnaround time, sell more parts and streamline communications.

Edge WorldClass has been designed to eliminate the variables that result from numerous manual processes and to provide a set of best practices to improve service revenue and repair process efficiency. The system is customized to meet heavy truck vehicle inspection criteria, and provides service recommendations along with ActionPlan reports that can be printed or sent digitally to the business partner for approval. The system also generates personal web pages that contain photos and detailed service recommendations.


Product Manager, Tool & Equipment and Paint & Body Products, San Antonio, TX

Aftermarket Auto Parts Alliance is comprised of over 50 independent shareholders who offer a wide array of quality auto products with one main focus… SERVICE! The Auto Value and Bumper to Bumper warehouses, parts stores, and certified service centers are found internationally across the US, Canada, and Mexico. With over 1.9 million parts and accessories, we have the part you want and the service you deserve!

We currently have an exciting career opportunity for a Tool & Equipment, Paint & Body Product Manager in San Antonio, Texas. This position will be part of the product team and is integral to the sales growth and profitability of these categories within the Alliance.
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News Briefs 2/6/13

• Since the inception of the AAA Mobile Battery Program, AAA/CAA clubs have tested more than 22 million batteries at the roadside, resulting in excess of 7.5 million defective batteries being replaced on the scene.

Identifix (Roseville, MN) has added genuine Volkswagen, Audi, and Hyundai service and repair information to its online tool Direct-Hit.

Mitchell 1 has optimized its SocialCRM marketing services product for mobile devices. This is intended to improve the effectiveness of the service reminder emails, thank-you emails, appointment requests and customer reviews when viewed on mobile devices.

Discount Tire, in late 2012, opened in Bowling Green its first retail location in Kentucky. This expands the company’s footprint to 24 states.

Sears Auto Centers is bringing back the RoadHandler line of tires after nearly a decade. The long-lasting premium tires carry a 100,000-mile warranty. RoadHandler is exclusive to Sears.

Magnum Gaskets (Bannockburn, IL) has launched GasketMaster, a free online training program for professional technicians. Click here for more information.

VIP Parts, Tires & Service says it raised more than $36,750 over the holidays for Make-A- Wish. The company has raised nearly $202,000 for the group over the last five years.

• Elections for the 2013 ASA national board of directors are being held through the end of February. All regular members in good standing with the association are eligible to vote for one position of general director.

• Northwood University’s 50th annual International Auto Show is slated for Sept. 27-29. The event, billed as North America’s largest student-run outdoor new car auto show, will be held on the Midland, MI campus of Northwood University.

• The 2013 edition of the Automotive Lift Institute’s “Vehicle Lifting Points For Frame Engaging Lifts” is now available. The guide is a quick-reference single-source manual for lifting point information as recommended by vehicle manufacturers. Click here to order.

Investcorp has sold CCC Information Services to Leonard Green & Partners. CCC is a provider of advanced software and workflow tools to the insurance automotive claims and collision repair industries. The sale comes just months after Investcorp sold another industry company, FleetPride.

• The National Automotive Technicians Education Foundation (NATEF) has announced that Brevard Community College in Cocoa, FL is the first automobile technology program to achieve accreditation to the new NATEF automobile accreditation standards. The new standards were updated in 2012.