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Service Executive Issue #04-13 (Full)

J.D. Power: Dealerships Continue To Outperform Independent Repair Shops In Customer Satisfaction

Recent investments made by automakers and dealers in improving the customer service experience are paying off in terms of more highly-satisfied and loyal service customers, reports J.D. Power & Associates. The firm’s 2013 U.S. Customer Service Index (CSI) Study found that overall customer satisfaction with service at a dealer facility has increased to 797 on a 1,000-point scale — a double-digit improvement from the 787 recorded in 2012 and up 29 points over 2011.

Notbaly, overall satisfaction with dealer service facilities averaged 44 index points higher than satisfaction with independent service facilities — a gap that expanded by 6 points from 2012.

“Manufacturers have made large investments in their retail programs, and dealers have made significant investments in key customer touch-points—people, improved processes and customer waiting areas—which are having a profoundly positive impact on their customers,” explained Chris Sutton, senior director at J.D. Power. “Dealerships are placing more emphasis on the service advisor’s role, which is essential to effectively handling service customers. Having a skilled, trained advisor is vital for a positive customer experience.”

The study examined satisfaction among vehicle owners who visit a service department for maintenance or repair work. The CSI rankings were based on dealer service performance during the first three years of new-vehicle ownership, which typically represents the majority of the vehicle warranty period. Five measures were examined to determine overall satisfaction with dealer service (listed in order of importance): service quality; service initiation; service advisor; service facility; and vehicle pick-up.

The study found that owners visited a dealer service department an average of 2.6 times per year, most frequently for vehicle maintenance. The shift in the proportion of maintenance work to repair work was one of the contributing factors to the increase in overall satisfaction. More than three-fourths (77 percent) of vehicle owners indicated that their most recent dealer service visit was for maintenance, such as an oil change or tire rotation — an increase from 72 percent in 2012 and 63 percent in 2011.

Overall satisfaction among owners who took their vehicle to a dealership for maintenance work averaged 806, compared with 768 among those who took their vehicle in for repair work. Among owners who visited an independent service station, overall satisfaction averaged 754 for maintenance work and 750 for repairs. Satisfaction with both maintenance and repair work conducted at dealer and non-dealer service stations was slightly higher among owners of premium vehicles than among owners of non-premium vehicles.

“The service mix continues to shift to maintenance and away from repairs, which is a testament to the improvement in vehicle quality and dependability,” Sutton said. “Owner satisfaction is generally higher for maintenance than for repairs for several reasons, primarily because maintenance tends to be less expensive and time-consuming and can be scheduled and completed at the owner’s convenience.”

When excluding complimentary service, service customers spent less out-of-pocket per visit at their dealership, compared with 2012 ($118 vs. $125, respectively). However, this amount remained higher than the average spent per visit at an independent service station ($44).

Owners of premium vehicles spent an average of $198 per dealer visit, compared with $31 when they visited an independent service station, while owners of non-premium vehicles spent an average of $108 per dealer visit and $45 per visit to an independent service station.

The study found a direct correlation between service satisfaction and loyalty. Overall, 79 percent of vehicle owners indicated that they “definitely will” return to their dealership for maintenance and repairs covered under their vehicle’s warranty, and 64 percent indicated that they “definitely will” return to the dealership for service work after their vehicle’s warranty expires.

Loyalty increased significantly among vehicle owners who were “delighted” (satisfaction scores of 901 and higher) with their service experience, as 96 percent indicated that they “definitely will” return to the dealer service department while their vehicle is under warranty, and 89 percent indicated that they “definitely will” return post-warranty. Further, 38 percent of vehicle owners overall indicated that they “definitely will” purchase or lease their next vehicle from the same brand, and increased to 59 percent among owners who were “delighted.”

“The service experience has a profound impact on vehicle owners, not just where they take their vehicle the next time they need maintenance or repairs, but also on their next vehicle purchase,” Sutton said. “Dealers know this, and most are taking the appropriate steps to ensure their customers have the best experience possible on both the sales and service sides of the store.”

Overall satisfaction with dealer service improved by 10 points in 2013, compared with 2012, with gains in all five study measures. Among the 30 rank-eligible brands, 28 improved in service satisfaction from 2011, with eight brands improving by at least 20 points.

Additionally, overall satisfaction improved across all five study measures, with the largest year-over-year gains in service facility and vehicle pick-up, which also included vehicle owner perception of the fairness of the charges.

“While there are a lot of things dealers can’t control, such as the product and the incentive levels on the sales side, one thing they can control is the service they provide,” Sutton sad. “When new-vehicle sales dropped in 2008, dealers increased their focus on service, and that attention on the service customer continues today.”

Lexus ranked highest in satisfaction with dealer service among luxury brands for a fifth consecutive year. Lexus achieved an overall CSI score of 862 and performed particularly well in service initiation, service facility and service quality. Rounding out the five highest-performing nameplates in the luxury segment were Cadillac (858), Jaguar (856), Acura (852) and Infiniti (848).

Three of the 11 luxury brands improved their index score by 20 or more points, compared with 2012, with Land Rover achieving the greatest year-over-year improvement (+29 points). Infiniti improved by 24 points and Lincoln by 23. Click here to see all of the luxury brand CSI rankings, courtesy of J.D. Power.

Among mass-market brands, GMC ranked highest with a score of 819. GMC performed particularly well in service initiation, service advisor, service facility and service quality. Rounding out the five highest-performing brands in the mass-market segment were Mini (810), Buick (809), Chevrolet (806) and Volkswagen (804).

Five of the 19 mass-market brands improved their index score by at least 20 points, compared with 2012, with Scion improving 24 index points, Nissan and Dodge each improving by 23 points, Mitsubishi improving by 22 points and Chrysler by 20. Click here to see all of the mass-market brand CSI rankings, courtesy of J.D. Power.

The 2013 U.S. CSI Study was based on responses from more than 91,000 owners and lessees of 2008 to 2012 model-year vehicles. The study was fielded between October and December 2012.


NEW…Extang: Marketing Specialist

Ann Arbor, MI-based, #1 supplier and leading manufacturer of accessories in North American aftermarket, is expanding our Corporate Marketing Department. We are looking for a highly motivated, creative Marketing Specialist to take the lead on multiple long-term in-house projects, who possess a broad range of marketing skills to include: development of content for web, other social media, video, print, promotional, trade show and sales materials. This position reports to the Director of Marketing.

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Another Magnuson Moss Warranty Act Complaint Lodged

Four industry associations, including AAIA, have written to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) demanding action on a BMW Mini Cooper owner’s manual stating that “only Mini dealers are to perform oil changes.” The groups claim that this violates the Magnuson Moss Warranty Act (MMWA) and request a meeting with the FTC to have their concerns heard.

The associations point out in their March 14, 2013 letter that a similar complaint lodged by them in May 2012 against Kia Motors has gone unanswered. In fact, the groups — AAIA, the Automotive Oil Change Association, the Service Station Dealers of America & Allied Trades and the Tire Industry Association — have filed a total of four complaints alleging MMWA violations dating back to 2010.

The other two incidents were: a 2010 announcement from Honda stating “only by purchasing Honda Genuine parts through an authorized U.S. Honda dealer can you be assured of the replacement part’s authenticity, reliability and compatibility;” and a 2011 Mazda notice recommending that all maintenance and collision repairs be performed using Genuine Mazda Parts and stating that only Genuine Mazda Parts purchased from an authorized Mazda dealer are specifically covered by the Mazda warranty.

The associations argue that, should the FTC fail to address these actions as MMWA violations, it will “inevitably call into question whether MMWA has any remaining ‘teeth’ at all in the context of automotive warranties.”

They continue to point out to the FTC that the lack of enforcement consequences for violating MMWA has “emboldened automakers to take more and more damaging liberties with warranty statements.” The groups conclude their March 2013 letter asking for a meeting “at your earliest convenience” to discuss all of their pending complaints.

The letter was addressed to Lois Greisman, associate director for the division of marketing practices at the FTC. Click here to read the letter in its entirety.


MotoLogic Gets Expanded Coverage

Advance Auto Parts has announced the addition of OE repair and diagnostic information for Audi, Mazda, Mercedes-Benz and Volkswagen vehicles to MotoLogic, its repair and diagnostic software tool. Included in the rollout of additional manufacturer coverage is the addition of service information for older-model vehicles dating from the early 1990s to the 1950s.


NEW…Extang: Website Manager

Ann Arbor, MI-based, #1 supplier and leading manufacturer of accessories for the North American aftermarket in , is expanding our Corporate Marketing Department. We are looking for a highly motivated, creative Website Manager responsible for overseeing, structuring, and managing our corporate websites as well as the structure of landing pages and microsites; facilitating an impactful, informative experience. This position reports to Corporate Director of Marketing.

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Mitchell 1 Adds Enhancements To Manager SE

Mitchell 1 has integrated the XCharge payment processing system into its Manager SE shop management software, allowing shops to process credit card payments from inside their shop management system. The integration is included with all versions of Manager SE and Manager Enterprise.

The XCharge system eliminates the need to access the credit card payment software and terminal separately from the shop management system. Credit and debit card swiping hardware is included with Manager SE for free. Shop customers must activate XCharge from Manager SE to start the service and receive the card swiper.

New Manager SE customers will receive the credit card swiping hardware in their welcome packets, while existing customers can add the swiping hardware at no cost by contacting Mitchell 1. There is no monthly fee for the service and no set-up costs. And, for a limited time, new customers will receive $250 toward Snap-on tools or hardware.

Mitchell 1 also has integrated the U.S. and Canadian versions of Intuit QuickBooks into Manager SE, creating an automated transfer of accounting activity directly from the shop management system to QuickBooks. This includes invoices, opening balances, invoice taxes, customer records, deposits, payments, refunds and late fees.

The QuickBooks integrator is available to new and existing Manager SE and Manager SE Plus customers as an add-on option to the standard management system software packages.


MyCarfax Tool Added To

The Automotive Maintenance & Repair Association (AMRA) has added the Carfax personal vehicle information tool to its Motorist Assurance Program (MAP) website The free service helps consumers keep track of the various automotive services performed on their vehicles — up to five vehicles. It also provides motorists with alerts about safety recalls, warranty information and recommended maintenance services.


New Automotive Service & Repair Week Website Debuts

A new Automotive Service & Repair Week (ASRW) website has launched, combining NACE and CARS information. Among the upgrades available at are advanced exhibitor search capabilities, integrated hotel reservations and a simplified registration. For exhibitors, the site also includes a streamlined exhibitor profile platform that allows exhibitors to build an online marketing presence with graphics, company and product information, and videos.

ASRW 2013 is scheduled for Oct. 17-19 at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas.


NEW…Extang: Graphic Designer

Ann Arbor, MI-based, #1 supplier and leading manufacturer of accessories for the automotive aftermarket in North America, is expanding our Corporate Marketing Department. We are looking for a highly motivated, creative Graphic Designer to take the lead on multiple long-term in-house projects. The right candidate should possess a broad range of graphic design skills to include: advertising print/digital campaigns, web design, catalog literature, POP/display signage, trade show and promotional materials. Experience in video editing, photography a plus. This position reports to Corporate Creative Director.

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 Point of View: Cross Selling Creates Opportunities

I was blessed to learn the industry in the early years working on a publication positioned such that I experienced the aftermarket both up and down the channel. Through the eyes of a distribution-oriented magazine, I had to have a clear understanding of all levels of the channel, from supplier to WD to jobbers and retailers to the service level or DIYer. That gave me a realistic understanding of how the various channel partners interacted, how they either benefitted or hindered each other. Additionally, I was also blessed to be involved with a publisher who had titles throughout the various market segments, and that interaction gave me insight into the overall aftermarket within the context of other specialty market niches.

For me, one of the more profound lessons I learned about the service level of the industry was the advantage tire dealers with service had over general repair shops. That advantage was a simple one: of all the aftermarket players, tire dealers usually had the first crack at a vehicle entering the aftermarket, usually seeking replacement rubber sometime in years three or four of ownership. With that advantage, successful tire dealers with a solid service operation could leverage that first-opportunity advantage to build service and repair relations with the vehicle owner – the one-stop automotive service stop that most consumers prefer.

That tire/service advantage has certainly been realized by the new car dealer service sector, with many car dealership service centers now strongly promoting tire sales at their locations, driving maintenance and repair to the dealer bays.

And, though many national and retail service chains have added tires to the sales/marketing mix, tires are not the primary driver toward aftermarket service.

According to a recently released car care consumer tracking research project from The NPD Group, oil change service is the leading driver of traffic through service bays and represents the greatest opportunity for cross-selling other services

Tire rotations, air filter replacements, and car washes are among the top services purchased at the same time as an oil change. The NPD’s Car Care Track, which monitors purchase behavior details of the DIYer and “do-it-for-me” aftermarket and repair consumer, points out that 24 percent of customers are purchasing tire rotations with their oil change, while 17 percent buy an air filter or cabin air filter replacement. And, 12 percent of oil change customers purchase a car wash or car detailing, with 11 percent purchasing wiper blades or brake service.

“With consumers driving less and softer demand for automotive maintenance and repair, automotive service outlets need to maximize each service occasion,” said David Portalatin, NPD executive director and aftermarket industry analyst. “Service providers who are providing just the oil and filter service are missing out on significant revenue opportunities.”

Car dealers and tire shops are much more effective at cross-selling tire rotating or balancing, according to Houston-based NPD. Repair shops are getting a higher percentage of brake service and a variety of repair and replacement-oriented occasions, the firm said, such as steering and suspension, fuel system, electrical and engine work. Quick lubes are more likely to cross-sell air filter replacements in conjunction with the oil change, according to NPD, but lag behind other service channels in all other categories.

“Each car that enters a service bay represents a finite opportunity for revenue growth. Once that car exits the bay, unperformed maintenance and repair represent lost sales that may prove difficult to capture on some future occasion,” said Portalatin. “Suppliers and service providers, working together, can evaluate the service mix and find opportunities for growth, while also offering consumers complete car care service.”

For me, the message here is that consumers may not expect every shop to do every type of service work, but they do prefer to do business with a service facility that can handle the “while you are at it” work that is both cost- and time-efficient for the consumer and the shop. Getting a vehicle serviced can be a real inconvenience for the car owner. So, when a shop can take care of a variety of services all on one stop, the consumer is satisfied and likely to return. And return business is the key to sustained success. When the shop offers “entry” services, opportunities will abound.


Gary A. Molinaro


NEW…Best Brakes: Sales & Marketing District Sales Position

Best Brakes a leading North American Aftermarket brake rotor supplier is expanding again and seeks an energetic, proactive, professional individual. This position reports directly to the VP of Sales & Marketing. The ideal candidate will be a take charge individual, with a can do attitude and can work well in a team environment.

Your duties will include, but not limited to: Interaction with customers, prospects, independent Sales Reps, attending industry related trade shows, and working with buying groups. You will work very closely with the VP of Sales to deliver continued growth and profitability for Best Brakes.

Ideal candidate will be proficient in all aspects of MS Office. Bilingual candidate (English – Spanish) is desired/preferred. Some US and Mexico travel is required.

For “Confidential” consideration please send your resume with references, and salary requirements to:


 Analyzing The Rise Of App-Connected Vehicles

A new report from Juniper Research has found that advancements in entertainment head units (a.ka. the deck) and higher smartphone penetration will result in app-capability reaching a fifth of all consumer vehicles in the developed markets of North America and Western Europe by 2017. The success of new standards such as MirrorLink will be instrumental in creating the foundations for the connected car ecosystem to flourish, finds the report.

Though Juniper Research — a wireless industry research firm — also forecasts robust growth in more traditional embedded consumer telematics services, the success of smartphone tethering and in-vehicle apps is expected to exert downward pressure on the price of vehicle manufacturers’ own embedded telematics infotainment services.

The report notes that “big data” derived from telematics service provisions also is likely to emerge as an unexpected revenue driver for telematics companies and automotive manufacturers.

“Sky-high smartphone ownership and a standardized approach to integrating apps into the vehicle head unit mean that the barriers to making the connected car a reality have all but gone,” said the report’s author, Anthony Cox. The research indicates that the only factor holding back even faster deployment of in-vehicle Internet will be slow growth in the new vehicle market itself.

Additional findings from the report Include:
• Consolidation within the commercial fleet telematics space has yet to run its course, though ultimately global fleet telematics players are likely to emerge from today’s front-runners;
• Trials of vehicle to vehicle (V2V) and vehicle to infrastructure (V2I) are on-going in some markets, although wide-spread deployment remains a long way off;
• Insurance telematics is reaching the point of wide-scale deployment, particularly in the United States, Italy and the United Kingdom; and
• Commercial telematics, meanwhile, will spread to smaller commercial vehicle classes, driven by potential efficiency gains and proven cost-savings.


Tint World Touts Co-Branding Program To Car Dealers

The automotive styling franchise Tint World now offers a co-branding program for car dealerships that want to add an in-house aftermarket accessory department — a store within a store, if you will. The Tint World Express Program lets dealerships tap into the franchise’s sales, installation and fulfillment services ranging from window tinting to mobile electronics to car accessories.

By co-branding with Tint World, car dealerships are able to leverage the group’s buying power, marketing programs, branded products, installation capabilities and warranty services.

Once a car dealership opts to add a Tint World Styling Center to its business, a Tint World franchise owner is placed at the dealership to run operations. Car dealers can suggest a franchise prospect, or Tint World will provide a franchise owner for the post.

Tint World also provides all in-store marketing material, menu boards and brand advertising programs. And, Tint World customizes the marketing material to focus on the products, brands and features of each dealership.


JEGS: Automotive Parts Buyer

JEGS is Growing!! We are the leader in after-market distribution of high performance automotive parts and accessories and are seeking an experienced Automotive Parts Buyer to work in our Corporate Office in Central Ohio. Candidate must have minimum of 4 years of purchasing/sales experience in the HP automotive market and personally love to eat, breathe and talk cars!

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 NHTSA Creates Vehicle Recall, Safety App

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has launched an application for Apple devices, including the iPhone, that provides consumers with real-time vehicle safety information from the agency’s website. The SaferCar app allows users to file a vehicle safety complaint, find recall information and subscribe to automatic notices about vehicle recalls.

Development is underway on a version compatible with Android devices.

NHTSA also plans to give developers real-time access to the data that powers its app through an application programming interface (API). This allows developers to integrate the data into new and existing apps.


Fram Recalling Certain Subaru Filters

Lake Forest, IL-based Fram Group Operations last month issued a safety-related defect notice in connection with the Model 15208AA12A motor oil filter (the 12A model), which Fram Filtration manufactures exclusively for Subaru for distribution at Subaru dealerships.

The 12A model is designed for use with Legacy, Outback, Forester and Impreza model vehicles with certain 4-cylinder engines where the motor filter is located beneath the engine. This notice only relates to un-installed filters sold over the counter at Subaru dealerships or sellers of authentic Subaru service parts between July 1, 2012 and Dec. 15, 2012 and which match certain date codes in question. The notice does not apply to 12A filters installed at the dealership.

Fram is recalling all uninstalled 12A filters that were manufactured over a period of 23 days in 2012 and were sold over the counter at Subaru dealerships to customers for self-installation or sold wholesale for resale to non-Subaru affiliated car maintenance operations.

The company states that a small percentage of these filters were manufactured out of specification – likely less than 356 total filters were available for distribution – and some portion of these filters may not properly seal against the engine block, causing the gasket to immediately fail or fail within 300 miles of operation. Gasket failure causes the vehicle to rapidly lose oil, which may cause a fire or engine damage.

Owners may exchange filters with matching date codes, at no charge, at any Subaru dealership. For more information and the full text of the notice, go to


OEConnection Lands General Motors de Mexico

General Motors de Mexico has selected OEConnection parts sourcing and referral technology for its network of dealerships, joining GM U.S. and GM Canada in doing business with Richfield, OH-based OEConnection. GM de Mexico represents the first automotive dealer network in Mexico to use OEConnection’s web-based technology. (In 2010, OEConnection was selected by Navistar Inc. to provide online parts marketing and sourcing to International truck dealerships throughout Mexico.)

Through this arrangement, GM de Mexico dealerships will gain access to tools to locate, buy, sell and market parts within their dealer network, as well as an automated backorder referral tool to help them extend their sales reach for in-demand parts or reduce their backorder fill rates.

GM dealers in Mexico will use OEConnection’s multi-language international platform and have access to Spanish-speaking support representatives. The software is expected to roll out nationwide by mid-year.


Territory Sales Representative

An established Los Angeles, CA Warehouse Distributor is seeking a Territory Representative. Interested persons must have at least 3 years of automotive aftermarket experience calling on the installer market base. Individual must be self motivated and willing to work in an unsupervised environment. Responsibilities will include maintaining existing accounts and building new accounts with the ultimate objective to grow sales.

Interested candidates should submit a resume to:


 Polk Revamps National Vehicle Population Profile

Southfield, MI-based Polk has released an enhanced version of its National Vehicle Population Profile (NVPP), which offers users a detailed view of the vehicles on the road in North America. Among the enhancements are the following:
• The ability to review catalog application coverage against the latest population of cars and trucks on the road.
• The ability to determine vehicle age by the exact month of a vehicle’s first registration, rather than by model year.
• The ability to understand which vehicles are still with their initial owners and which have been sold multiple times.
• Expanded coverage, including Class 4-8 vehicles.


Auto Affordability Slipped In Q4

The purchase and financing of an average-priced new vehicle took 23.6 weeks of median family income in the fourth quarter of 2012, according to Comerica Bank’s Auto Affordability Index. Consumers on average spent $900 more on new cars in the fourth quarter of 2012 than they did in the third quarter.

Auto affordability slipped slightly in the fourth quarter of 2012, declining by 0.4 weeks of median family income. Robert Dye, chief economist at Comerica Bank in Dallas, said slightly higher interest rates and an increase in the average consumer expenditure per new car drove the decrease in affordability. “Although median family income was also estimated to have increased, this increase was not enough to offset the rise in rates and expenditures,” he said.

Dye said that vehicle sales through January have held up well, although there has been a distortion in recent sales data because of Hurricane Sandy. “Sales surged after Hurricane Sandy to a 15.5-million-unit rate in November and have since dipped to a 15.2-million-unit rate by January,” he explained. “Downside risk from cuts in federal spending still lurks for auto sales and many other U.S. economic variables through the first half of 2013.”


AAIA, ASE Recognize World Class Technicians

Thirty people have qualified for the 2013 World Class Technician Award, which recognizes professional technicians who have tested and obtained ASE certification in 22 specialty areas during the 2012 test. Since the World Class Technician recognition was established 27 years ago, 1,863 technicians have been honored.


RepairPal Adds Online Automotive Industry Expert

San Francisco-based RepairPal has hired Kristen Stanton as its vice president of B2B marketing and business development. Before joining RepairPal, Stanton was a consultant to such companies as Advance Auto Parts, ADP Deale Services and DriverSide. Prior to her consulting work, she was the business development director for


Saver: Seeking Representation

US manufacturer of Windshield Wiper Blades seeks rep agencies in many US markets. Program features: O.E. quality wiper line for cars, trucks & HD fleets, full factory support, training & excellent earning potential.

Contact Saver Automotive Prod. at 716-667-1255 or


New GM For Phillips 66 Lubricants

Houston-based Phillips 66 Lubricants — the manufacture and marketer of Conoco, Phillips 66, 76 Lubricants and Kendall Motor Oil — has named Ann Oglesby as its new general manager. She most recently was the company’s vice president of communications and public affairs.

After 11 years in the division’s top role, Tom Liberti will transition into a different, yet undisclosed, leadership role within the company.


Universal Lubricants Expands North American Sales Team

Wichita, KS-based Universal Lubricants, manufacturer and distributor of the Eco Ultra line of lubricants, has named Mike Melaragno director of national accounts – east and Cathy Smith director of national accounts – west. Together, they are responsible for providing customer support, sales planning and sales management for the company’s full line of automotive and industrial lubricants in the United States and Canada.


News Briefs 3/27/13

• The Automotive Maintenance & Repair Association (AMRA) has moved into its new offices in Arlington Heights, IL. Previously, AMRA was headquartered in the Washington, D.C area.

Echo Automotive, developer of technology to convert existing fleet vehicles into hybrids, has announced the signing of an agreement with Meineke Car Care Centers to serve as a national service center and installer for Echo Automotive systems.

• The Car Care Council has launched a new Industry Tool Box for aftermarket companies and organizations that want to participate in the “Be Car Care Aware” consumer education campaign.

Mighty of the Mid-Atlantic — a new Mighty Auto Parts franchise servicing southeastern Pennsylvania and northern Maryland — has deployed MAM Software’s Autopart business management software to streamline its store and warehouse operations. MAM Autopart is recommended by Mighty.


Event & Trade Show Briefs 3/27/13

• Registration is open for the ASA annual business meeting to be held April 20 at the Hurst Convention Center in Hurst, TX, which is in the Dallas/Forth Worth Metroplex.

• The third annual Petty’s Garage Spring Fling is expanding to two days this year and will feature a public drag racing session for the first time. The Memorial Day weekend event starts at Piedmont Dragway on Friday and ends with the traditional car show on Saturday at Petty’s Garage in Randleman, NC. The event is sponsored by the Automotive Lift Institute (ALI).