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Service Executive Issue #14-12 (Full)

Study Says New Sales And Marketing Strategies Needed For Brakes, Tires, Batteries

Service outlets need new sales and marketing strategies for brakes, tires and batteries, according to DME Automotive. A new report from the Daytona Beach, FL-based automotive marketing firm shows a substantial shortfall in shops keeping motorists apprised of the need to replace these components.

A national survey of more than 2,000 U.S. vehicle owners indicated that only one car owner in 12 first learned that they needed new brakes, tires or a battery from a dealer or mechanic. DME contends that service outlets have an overly passive sales approach, which is leading to lost revenue opportunities.

To combat sales passivity, the firm suggests that complimentary, comprehensive multipoint inspections happen at each service visit.

And, while the survey reveals that consumers, on average, do a large amount of research on these services, it’s the under-35 customer that is far more likely to research providers and to start researching further in advance. DME also found that those under 35 are exponentially more likely to both buy, and consider buying, their tires and batteries online.

DME recommends that service outlets create a high-visibility, engaging online shopping platform for batteries and tires, with clear pricing, a range of price points and detailed product features in order to attract these motorists.

“The holy grail is to implement marketing programs that can anticipate when a customer is ready to make a brakes, battery, or tire purchase, and deliver timely, relevant campaigns that interrupt their typical research windows — to put that store top of mind when it most matters,” said Doug Van Sach, vice president of strategy and analytics at DME Automotive.

And, while both the aftermarket and dealerships are missing out on crucial revenue opportunities, Van Sach said that other, recent DME research reveals that aftermarket players are winning the brakes/battery/tires war, with only 64 percent of dealer customers reporting that they would consider using dealers for brake services … 46 percent for battery replacements … and 36 percent for tires. Additionally, only 44 percent are likely to choose dealerships for these services (in aggregate) within the first two years of in-warranty ownership. And, as vehicles hit three to six years, dealers lose roughly half of this business.

Furthermore, DME research shows that, for dealers, snagging the under-35 shopper is mission critical, as roughly half of aftermarket chain loyalists are now under 35, while half of dealer loyalists are an aging 50-plus.

Some other key findings from DME’s research …

Too Little Monitoring And Selling: Customers aren’t actively monitoring their brakes, battery and tire health — and neither are service outlets — as 70 percent of respondents reported that they realized they needed to replace their battery because it was already dying/dead; 44 percent realized they needed new tires because they personally noticed they were worn out; and 69 percent became aware that they needed brakes because they were squeaking, grinding or having other issues.

Only 5 percent said they learned they needed tires because of a dealer or mechanic recommendation. For batteries, it was 9 percent. And, for brakes, it was 21 percent.

High Research Levels: A high level of provider-selection Internet research is going on, as 39 percent said they researched where to have their most recent battery replaced, with 77 percent performing that research within a week of replacement. For brakes, 41 percent researched where to have them replaced, with 63 percent starting that research within a week of service.

For tires, research levels are even higher, and people are also taking more time to find the right place to buy. DME found that 58 percent of respondents researched their last tire purchase, and 47 percent began researching stores a month or longer before they pulled the trigger.

Much Higher Research Rates For Younger Shoppers: DME’s survey found that the under-35, dealer-resistant consumer is more than two times more likely to research their brake, battery or tire purchase than those over 35. For brakes, it breaks down as 66 percent under 35 doing research and only 26 percent over 35 doing so. For batteries, it was 62 percent vs. 25 percent. And for tires, it came out at 69 percent vs. 51 percent.

Additionally, younger car owners research significantly further in advance. For instance, for tire purchases, they’re 62 percent more likely to start their tire research two months to five months out, compared with those over 35.

Those under 35 also are more likely to consult a variety of external sources, especially digital media. For example, the survey examined the tire purchasing process and found that younger consumers consulted every commonly used resource when researching tires — whether TV or print ads or asking a mechanic or friend — at higher rates than those over 35. They were also nearly three times more likely (31 percent) to consult store websites than those over 35 (13 percent), with store sites representing the No.-1 resource this younger shopper uses.

Younger Owners Are More Likely To Buy Online: The under-35 customer is also much more likely to buy, and consider buying, their tires and batteries online. When it comes to buying batteries online, 38 percent of those under 35 said they do it and only 10 percent of those over 35 do. For buying tires online, in came out at 17 percent for those under 35 and a mere 2 percent for those over 35 percent.

It’s worth noting that those that have made online purchases seem very satisfied across all age groups, as more than 90 percent that have purchased batteries or tires online said they would do so again.


The Marx Group: Account Executive Position

The Marx Group is a full-service marketing communications agency and is considered one of the automotive/commercial vehicle aftermarket leaders for strategic planning and marketing communications and tactics.

We are seeking an Account Executive for our San Rafael, CA office to develop/maintain relationships with new/existing clients and bring in new business.

  • Required: aftermarket and marketing experience


Driven Brands Ups The Ante To Attract Multi-Shop Operators To Its Meineke, Maaco Franchises

Charlotte-based Driven Brands has put new incentives in place to attract multi-store operators (MSOs) to its keystone Meineke Car Care Center and Maaco franchises. This includes reduced franchise fees and royalty rates when potential franchisees sign on to open multiple locations.

For Meineke, the second license under the new program is $15,000 — a savings of $7,500. The third license and every one after that is $10,000 — a discount of $20,000 from the original single license fee of $30,000. There also is a 50-percent royalty discount for the first year of operation for the second store and any stores after. Additionally, Meineke’s point-of-sale system (M-Key), which costs about $5,000, is free for the second store and any following stores.

Multi-unit operators are required to open one store per year with the new incentives. Meineke also offers growth incentives to their existing franchisees.

“MSOs have been a great way to grow our system, so we put these incentives in place to attract franchisees with the ability and interest to open several locations,” explained Dave Schaefers, vice president of franchise development for Meineke. “We believe our unit economics are extremely competitive compared to MSO programs that other franchise companies have in place. The trick is to get these MSO operators to come to the automotive industry.”

For Maaco, the price of one license is $30,000 under the new program with more discounts for each additional store. Two licenses are $45,000, three are $55,000, four are $60,000 and five are $65,000. After the fifth license, each additional license is $5,000.

Opening multiple Maaco stores also comes with royalty reductions for the additional stores for the first three years. Royalties will be 2 percent for the first year, 4 percent for the second and 5 percent for the third.

These new incentive programs come less than a year after Harvest Partners, a New York-based private equity firm, acquired Driven Brands with an eye toward expansion. And that expansion strategy includes growing the Meineke network by 200 new car care centers by July 2013. Management also wants to see Maaco add 60 new shops over the same span.

Markets targeted for expansion include Baltimore, Buffalo, Chicago, Cleveland, Dallas, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Phoenix, Pittsburgh and Rochester, NY.

In related news, Bryan Brown, owner of eight Meineke franchise locations in Louisville, KY and southern Indiana, is this year’s Meineke Franchisee of the Year. Brown, who has been with Meineke for 15 years, is the first two-time Franchisee of the Year, having also won in 2008.


Measurement Limited Inc.: Rep Agencies Wanted

Measurement Limited Inc., a manufacturer of digital tire pressure gauges and other electronic consumer products is actively seeking Retail and WD manufacturers reps.

Contact: Bob Van Zeyl
Or visit us at AAPEX booth # 2654



Grease Monkey Undergoing Image Overhaul

A nationwide image overhaul of Grease Monkey franchises is underway and should be mostly completed by next spring. The changes focus on women, which are the majority of Grease Monkey’s customers.

In business since 1978 and headquartered in Colorado, the Grease Monkey network includes about 180 U.S. shops that offer oil changes and preventive maintenance work. The company hired a national market research firm and queried existing customers and non-customers. From a facilities standpoint, they wondered: What would compel people to try Grease Monkey for the first time or visit more often.

“The word ‘spa-like’ came up quite often in focus groups,” said Mike Brunetti, vice president of franchise development for Grease Monkey International. “And they wanted modern.”

Customers typically spend about 15 minutes to one hour at the shop, depending on the time of day and the amount of work being done. “Their time in the store is brief, but we want it to be pleasant, not garage-y,” Brunetti said.

So, instead of the stereotypical grimy auto garage decor with a stale pot of coffee, Grease Monkey plans to focus on snazzing up its waiting areas with soft colors, fresh drinks and snacks, Wifi, a digital menu board, and clean bathrooms. “Guys are less discriminating, but, frankly, they love it, too,” Brunetti said. “They just aren’t going to say it.”

The company has retained its logo but changed its tagline. Instead of “Preventive Maintenance Pros,” signage now says “Oil Changes & More.” The market researchers found that most customers didn’t really know what “preventive maintenance” meant, Brunetti said. The company’s services, which include fluid, filter and flush work, will remain the same.

Optional outdoor improvements include new parking lots, outdoor seating areas with umbrella tables and awnings. For the interior upgrades, franchisees can choose from three different color palettes.

Grease Monkey began testing its new design guidelines in the summer of 2011, primarily in the Colorado area.

This is the first major image upgrade for the company. It’s mandatory for all U.S. franchisees, although there are minimum options that cost less. The company is offering special financing through Direct Capital Corp. through March 31, 2013. Financing options include the addition of new equipment.

So far, the costs for franchisees have ranged from $15,000 to $76,000 for a gut job, Brunetti said. The costs could go higher if an owner decides to rebuild from scratch with all the suggested changes. “The whole reason we did this was to increase business,” Brunetti said.  “We didn’t say to paint a wall just to paint a wall.”

Grease Monkey is looking into similar initiatives for its approximately 70 franchises in Mexico and China.  Any changes in those countries, however, would take research into customer preferences, Brunetti said.                                    — Sarah Hollander


Silla Automotive: Branch Sales Managers & District Sales Managers

Silla Is Growing! Silla Automotive is seeking Branch Sales Managers and District Sales Managers in locations throughout U.S. Immediate openings in Atlanta, Modesto, Bay Area.

Branch Sales Manager requires experience in sales, customer service, warehouse, delivery dispatch and inventory control.

District Sales Manager will develop new business for multiple branches. Must have automotive parts sales experience, good communication skills, and able to travel 65% to 75% per month in multi-state region.

Send resume to
or come visit us at APPEX Booth #4865


Argus Analyzers Closes Its Doors

Argus Analyzers closed its doors on Oct. 12, according to a letter posted on its website. Argus said the decision to cease operations “is the result of the overwhelming financial burden resulting from the 2006 lawsuit instigated by Midtronics Corporation.”

The move to cease operations came less than two months after Argus lost its appeal in the case. A U.S. appellate court in August 2012 upheld a lower court’s ruling from 2011 that Argus sold products containing electronic battery testing technology infringing on patents held by Midtronics.

As Argus states on its website, the case dates back to 2006. It was argued that BP Power, a Taiwanese company, developed the infringing products, and Argus imported and sold them in the United States. In August 2011, U.S. Judge Milton Shadur of the Northern Illinois District ruled in Midtronics’ favor, ordering the defendants to stop making, importing, using and selling a number of their products. Shadur also ordered Argus to pay attorney fees and expenses, which amount to nearly $1.27 million, according to court filings.

Argus appealed Shadur’s ruling, and the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit two months ago unanimously affirmed Shadur’s ruling.

It’s worth noting that the patent in question expired in May 2012 — between the time the original decision was handed down in August 2011 and the appellate court’s ruling.


Snap-on’s Earnings Rose 9.3% In Q3

The third quarter of 2012 was a solid one for Snap-on Inc. The Kenosha, WI-based tool, equipment and diagnostics company saw its net income increase 9.3 percent to $74.10 million as net sales rose 2.1 percent to $711.60 million. Excluding roughly $16.60 million in unfavorable foreign currency translation, organic sales were up 4.6 percent.

Sales from the Snap-on Tools Group rose 10.4 percent to $308.80 million in the third quarter of 2012, reflecting double-digit sales increases in both the U.S. and international franchise operations. If you exclude $1.60 million in unfavorable foreign currency translation, the group’s organic sales were up 11.1 percent.

Tool storage product sales were especially strong — up substantially more than the aforementioned 11.1-percent increase, according to comments Snap-on management made on a recent conference call.

Snap-on Tools Group operating earnings increased 12.9 percent to $40.20 million. “That kind of growth in the current environment clearly reflects the strength of our franchise network,” said Nick Pinchuk, chairman, president and CEO.

Repair Systems & Information Group sales fell 0.3 percent to $222 million in the quarter. However, excluding $6.50 million from currency translation, the group’s organic sales rose 2.7 percent. The segment recorded a high single-digit increase in the sale of diagnostics and Mitchell 1 repair information products, as well as a mid single-digit rise in equipment sales worldwide. These increases were partially offset by a mid single-digit decline in sales to OEM dealerships, particularly in Europe.

Operating earnings for the Repair Systems & Information Group increased 13.3 percent to $49.50 million.


Auto Parts Distributor for Sale – Western US

$4.3 Million annual sales, highly profitable, main warehouse + 2 satellite delivery points, located in major Western U.S. city. Loyal professional installer customer base, excellent reputation, strong management team, well known brands, new IT systems, loyal employees and highly efficient routing/delivery system. Member national program group. Owner will stay to support seamless transfer.

Serious parties only. Inquire Paul Cooperstein, Marx Group Advisors, or call (617) 328-7333.



Oil Change Group Opts For Association Management Firm

The Automotive Oil Change Association (AOCA) has engaged the association management company SmithBucklin Corp. As a result, SmithBucklin now manages the day-to-day operations of AOCA, and the association’s previous staff in Richardson, TX is out, having been replaced by a dedicated group of staff members in SmithBucklin’s Chicago office.

In a statement posted on the AOCA website, the board of directors said the staff in Richardson served the association well and provided a solid foundation on which it can build. “We wish them the best in their future endeavors, and greatly appreciate the professional support and leadership they are providing us throughout this transition,” the statement reads.

The move was both financial and strategic. From a financial perspective, the management fees charged by SmithBucklin are lower than AOCA’s previous cost of operation — this according to information posted on the association’s website. From a strategic standpoint, the move is intended to make the association more efficient and its staff more productive, to better position AOCA for future growth, and to provide improved benefits and services to its members.

“As AOCA and the industry we represent continue to grow, our resource needs are changing. We must focus on improved efficiencies, staff productivity, customer satisfaction and membership growth,” the aforementioned statement reads. “To accomplish this, we need an increased depth of staff knowledge and skills in all areas of association management, including operational oversight, membership services, meeting management, marketing and branding, web services, publishing, education and programs, and financial management. We believe that this wide range of services can most cost effectively and best be provided by an association management company.”

SmithBucklin serves more than 320 client organizations and specializes in a wide range of association activities, including those noted above. It should be noted that, while SmithBucklin will handle the day-to-day operations of AOCA, it will not have a seat on the association board of directors.

AOCA’s 2012 annual membership meeting will be held Oct. 29 at the Monte Carlo Hotel in Las Vegas in conjunction with the AAPEX and SEMA shows.


Cyclo Industries: Rep Agencies wanted!

Since 1959, Cyclo Industriesoffers a complete line of professionally formulated, time-tested cleaners, lubricants, additives and appearance products in dynamic packages – our products have been used and preferred by professional mechanics to maintain and extend the use and performance of automobiles, trucks, boats, planes, heavy-duty equipment, industrial machinery and agricultural equipment. Cyclo is dedicated to giving our customers the best products available, backed by superior service and support that provides them with the competitive edge!

Seeking reps for the M.I.N.K. States and Florida, Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Washington, Oregon, Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico and Colorado area.
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Point of View: Not Heady Times But Outlook Looks Solid

In this newsletter and in our parent publication, The Greensheet, we present a great deal of information that directly or indirectly tells us how the industry is performing. For me, one of the biggest improvements I have seen in my nearly 30 years around this industry is that we now have real market research and other survey work that gives us reliable measures to help us determine how the market is moving and what the general feel is for the near future of the aftermarket.

Over the last several years, the aftermarket has seen a reasonably prosperous economic sector. With the work done over the prior years – especially the application of real technology that has help us manage inventory and parts distribution much more effectively and efficiently – we have reaped the benefits of an economic climate that presented outstanding opportunities for our industry. Factors like the age of the fleet, the size of the fleet and the miles driven, added to the dramatic reduction in new car sales, put us all in the position to prosper while most of the economy floundered.

And, as great as those times may have been, our industry maintained a cynical attitude about where business was going, never really celebrating the success and always looking around the corner for the next downturn.

As we went through the past year, we have all seen “road signs” that point to possibly less-prosperous times ahead. There are various industry surveys that indicate that confidence is lagging among industry insiders and that sales at all levels are flat or a bit down from last year. Those kind of indicators can paint a dark picture for the future, but I am here to say that we all need to put things in prospective when it comes to today’s indicators.

First of all, we need to remember that the 2012 numbers are a bit down from 2011 levels, but then again, those 2011 figures reflected some pretty heady days. As much as we would all like constant hockey-stick style financial charts, it is unrealistic to think we can always push the number upward. In matter of fact, one of the great things about this industry is that the lows are seldom dramatically low – not a statement most other market sectors can claim, and one thing for which we should we very thankful.

And, at least from this uneducated perspective, I expect the service market to continue to hold solid, with many consumers still holding on to the value that keeping their vehicles running well and longer is an economic necessity in an economy that may be growing but growing slowly. Looking at the regional and national service chains also gives me reasonable confidence, as they continue to position themselves to grab a point or two in market share and keeping their service bays productive.

Make no mistake about, I am one of the least-qualified people to be making economic predictions, and, in statement of fact, I am not here to make prognostications about what the aftermarket financials will be like in 2013 and beyond. But I do believe in this industry and that we have positioned ourselves to be successful on a reasonably-level playing field.

There is much work remaining – as there always is – but this industry as a whole, and the hard parts/service sector specifically, is ready to continue to build on the work we have put in place over the last decade. The future is never certain and success is always elusive, but I know that the coming year can be a good one for the aftermarket and for service shops at all levels.


Gary A. Molinaro



FJC Inc.: Heavy Duty Rep Agencies Wanted

FJC Inc., a manufacturer of A/C tools, Equipment, O-rings, chemicals, radiator testers, booster cables, booster packs, inverters, battery testers, and battery tools is actively seeking H/D manufacturers reps.

Contact Robert Mays via email
or in person at AAPEX booth #1052.


NASTF Launching Technician Outreach Program

The National Automotive Service Task Force (NASTF), in an attempt to interact with additional professional technicians, will hold its spring 2013 general meeting and board meeting at the next Vision HiTech Training & Expo, which will be held March 7-10 in Overland Park, KS.

The event is organized by ASA-Missouri/Kansas and is expected to draw 3,000-plus automotive service professionals. On tap are more than 85 management and technical training courses designed for shop owners, managers, technicians and educators, as well as a 60,000-square-foot exhibit hall featuring tools, equipment and services. NASTF will have a presence on the show floor.

This is part of an outreach effort by NASTF, designed to expand well beyond its current base of less than 2,500 industry participants. The leadership of NASTF wants to create greater awareness of the task force and have more contact with technicians across the United States.

The technician outreach campaign will focus on two primary elements: Expanding the number of events where NASTF will mingle in person with techs; and driving techs to the NASTF website where they can find OEM resources.


Reminder Systems Are Prompting 51% Of Motorists To Perform Maintenance

At a time when most new vehicles have some form of in-car maintenance reminder system, AAA has polled motorists to investigate how drivers are evolving to this new technology and what impact (if any) it has on their vehicle maintenance habits. The survey found that 63 percent of all motorists say they have a built-in electronic maintenance reminder system. Of these, 51 percent rely solely on their in-car reminder system and have maintenance work done only when the system recommends.

Additionally, 35 percent of respondents perform maintenance work more frequently than recommended by the reminder system. Only 13 percent said they do so less frequently.


Exide Technologies: Regional Sales Managers

Exide Technologies is recognized as the premier provider of battery solutions for the Automotive Aftermarket, Network and Industrial battery markets worldwide. HQ’d in Milton, GA, Exide is embracing new technologies and new ways of doing business. With a 120-year history of growth and success there is an exciting future for our organization. The strong management team is aggressively pursuing opportunities to enter new markets, expand business and grow sales. The evolving company culture is built on a commitment to quality, integrity and respect. In a fast-paced work environment where employees receive excellent compensation and benefits, the opportunities for professional growth and career advancement are significant.

We are currently seeking Regional Sales Managers (RSMs) for two separate territories:

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Mitchell 1’s Latest SocialCRM Update Enhances Sharing Of Consumer Reviews

Poway, CA-based Mitchell 1 has released a set of new features in its SocialCRM offering, called SureCritic Reviews 2.0, that lets consumers share positive feedback about their shop visits with their social networks, while also simplifying the way repair shops receive and track the results. SocialCRM repair shop clients receive these new features automatically, and at no additional cost with their subscription.

“Businesses that allow sharing of their positive review content not only benefit from the positive word-of-mouth on sites such as Facebook and Twitter, but are also more relevant to Internet search engines, making it more likely that they will be found when a consumer is searching the web for a repair shop,” explained Brian Warfield, senior product manager for Mitchell 1.

The new features were developed by SureCritic Inc., a company that provides reputation management and social media management services for small and medium businesses. Mitchell 1 partnered with SureCritic to integrate its consumer review product into the SocialCRM offering.


Mitchell 1 Adds TSBs From Gates To ProDemand

Poway, CA-based Mitchell 1 has added technical service bulletins (TSBs) provided by Gates Corp. to its ProDemand repair, diagnostic and maintenance information program. Ben Johnson, director of product management for Mitchell 1, said this integration is part of a larger strategy. “Our customers have told us loud and clear that they want information that helps them repair the cars in their bays — whether from the OE, from industry experience or from aftermarket companies like Gates,” Johnson explained. “Their focus, and ours, is on getting the diagnosis and repair done quickly and accurately.”

The ProDemand platform can import value-added content like the TSBs that Gates is now providing and make that content accessible to shops. As this capability evolves, Mitchell 1 says users will find the source of TSBs identified so they know the origin of the information.


Carfax QuickVIN Updates With Current ACES Codes

The Carfax QuickVIN tool is now mapped to current Aftermarket Catalog Enhanced Standards (ACES) codes. Shop owners and technicians can access this information through any shop management system that has integrated Carfax QuickVIN. Using only license plate information, Carfax QuickVIN can capture the vehicle identification number, year/make/model and ACES code.

Carfax QuickVIN also includes the original AAIA make/model table, but will cease updating those on Dec. 31.


Onix Automotive: Rep Agencies wanted!

Onix Automotive a leading manufacturer of value priced “New” electric fuel pumps. The fastest growing category in the automotive aftermarket. Seeking reps for the M.I.N.K. states and Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Louisiana area. Agency must have experience selling hard parts to the W.D. and Retail markets. Interested agencies should send their contact information to or contact us at (877) 699-6649

Visit us at APPEX booth # 6430


Alldata Broadens Its Online Training

Alldata LLC (Elk Grove, CA) has entered into an agreement with Raytheon Professional Services to provide more comprehensive training. While Alldata has always included training as part of a customer’s product subscription, the new Training Garage includes classes on automotive technology, as well as soft skills and shop business courses.

Training Garage offers 67 technical and 26 business courses, in English or Spanish. Subscriptions come in two configurations: single user or enterprise, which allows as many as 10 users per shop. All courses meet the requirements of the National Automotive Technicians Education Foundation (NATEF).

Alldata will continue to offer training on its products at no additional charge.


Myers Tire Supply Sales Fell 7.6% In Q3

Myers Industries’ distribution business (a.k.a. Myers Tire Supply) saw its net sales fall 7.6 percent to $45.07 million in the third quarter of 2012. Management attributed the decrease to a decline in the replacement tire industry, combined with lower equipment sales. Segment income before taxes fell 26.8 percent to $3.34 million, largely because of lower sales volume.


Largest VIOC Franchisee Selling Pink Wipers For Breast Cancer Awareness

This month, which is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Henley Enterprises is selling wipers from AutoTex Pink at its 196 Valvoline Instant Oil Change (VIOC) locations across 12 states. A portion of the proceeds from each sale is donated by AutoTex Pink to the National Breast Cancer Foundation. And, at the conclusion of the month-long campaign, Henley will make an additional 5-percent donation from these wiper sales to the foundation.


Hennessy Hires Vertical Marketing Manager

Hennessy Industries (La Vergne, TN) has hired Jon Woodlee as its vertical marketing manager. Prior to joining Hennessy, Woodlee was marketing director of specialty retail, direct mail and national print for Oreck Corp.


MAT Holdings: Director of Sales – Tiger Accessory Group

MAT Holdings – Looking for Director of Sales for our Tiger Accessory Group Division.

Essential Functions:

        • Achieve & outperform sales & profitability objectives
        • Successful product line review presentations
        • Implementation of new products
        • Capturing key promotional opportunities
        • Face base selling
        • Identify new business growth
        • Major involvement with all aspects of new product introductions, packaging, plan-o-gram development

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Training Managers To Honor Four At Industry Week Reception

The Automotive Training Managers Council (ATMC) will present National Excellence in Training Awards to four organizations at the annual ATMC Industry Week Reception, which will be held Oct. 31 at the Sands Exposition Center in Las Vegas. The awards emphasize the importance of training to the success of the transportation industry. This year’s recipients are …

Federal-Mogul Technical Education Center for its program “ABS, Stability & Traction Control Diagnosis”
• The National Alternative Fuels Training Consortium for its program “Electric Drive Vehicle First Responder Safety Training”
NAPA Autotech for its program “Volumetric Efficiency with Pressure Wave Forms”
• The Natural Gas Vehicle Institute for its program “CNG Vehicle Fuel System Inspector”


NARSA To Hold Annual Convention At AAPEX

The International Heat Transfer Association (NARSA) will hold its annual convention at Harrah’s Las Vegas during the upcoming AAPEX show, which will be held Oct. 30 to Nov. 1 at the Sands Expo Center.

The NARSA Heat Transfer & Mobile AC Pavilion, a fixture at AAPEX since 2004, will feature 72 exhibitors from seven different countries this year with 14,000 square feet of products and services for automotive and truck heating, cooling, and air conditioning service and replacement. It will be located on the upper level at the Sands Expo Center.

The NARSA convention will include a board of directors meeting on Oct. 28, as well as an awards breakfast, a cooling system roundtable, one-on-one supplier meetings, committee workshops, business sessions and more. In addition, NARSA members can take part in the educational opportunities presented throughout the week at AAPEX.


MAT Holdings: OEM Technical Engineer

MAT Holdings – Tiger Accessory Division

        • Knowledge of Pro-E or equivalent computerized tools
        • Manage OEM catalogs, product interchanges, and website.
        • Understanding of technical drawings and prints
        • Incandescent and LED reflective lighting products.
        • Experience in the design of OEM reflective lighting products, as required to meet the Department of Transportation’s FMVSS 108 requirements.

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News Briefs 10/24/12

Dunn Tire, a Buffalo, NY-based tire retailer and automotive service provider, now offers a layaway program as an option to its long-standing credit card-based financing programs. The program isn’t seasonal; it’s available year round. Dunn Tire has 31 locations from Erie, PA to Syracuse, NY.

Sunex tools and shop equipment are now available through Summit Racing Equipment (Tallmadge, OH). This includes floor, transmission and bottle jacks; engine hoists; impact sockets, wrenches and chisels; and service carts and accessories.

Hickok Inc. (Cleveland) says it has received a $1.35-million order for a product for an undisclosed “large automotive OEM.”

Mopar has added starters and alternators to its remanufactured parts portfolio.

MACS Worldwide’s flagship textbook, Modern Automotive HVAC Systems, has been translated into Spanish and will be ready for sale at the MACS 2013 Training Event & Trade Show, which will be held Feb. 7-9 in Orlando, FL.

Transtar Industries has introduced a new warranty plan for its full line of complete automatic and standard transmissions and transfer case units. The Premium Plus Protection plan presents customers with the opportunity to offer a warranty of as many as 36 months or 500,000 miles.

LKQ’s proprietary InTouch electronic parts ordering system is now integrated into Mitchell RepairCenter via the company’s ToolStore marketplace, making it possible for auto body repair shops to engage with LKQ directly from RepairCenter.

• Starting Jan. 1, the Ford Motor Co. has agreed to provide a free Carfax Vehicle History Report for every Ford and Lincoln certified pre-owned vehicle.


Event & Trade Show Briefs 10/24/12

AAPEX organizers are hosting automotive instructors on Oct. 31 and Nov. 1 in a new program called Inside AAPEX for Automotive Instructors. Attendees can learn about new technology, meet with manufacturer product managers and trainers, and earn NATEF credit hours. Instructors also will have access to the AAPEX show floor.

• The Car Care Council reports that 100-plus vehicles were inspected Oct. 7 during the inaugural consumer vehicle check-up event the council hosted in conjunction with the Northwood University International Auto Show in Midland, MI.

Northwood University is reporting that this year’s International Auto Show attracted more than 45,000 visitors. The event was held Oct. 5-7.

• Event organizers say more than 100 shop owners attended the inaugural Mechanical Management Symposium at Automotive Service & Repair Week (ASRW) earlier this month. Based on the success of this program, planners say the session is likely to be repeated in 2013.

ASRW 2013 is scheduled for Oct. 16-19 at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas.