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Service Executive Issue #15-12 (Full)

ASRW Attendance Slipped In 2012

Attendance at this year’s Automotive Service & Repair Week (ASRW) was down. Event organizers say that ASRW 2012, held in New Orleans, featured 237 exhibiting companies, with 43 new exhibitors and 16,652 attendees. Total attendance at ASRW 2011, held in Orlando, FL, was 19,221.

Overall attendance in 2011 was up 18 percent over the 2010 event. It’s worth noting that ASRW 2011 was named to Trade Show Executive’s Fastest 50 list, in honor of the growth in attendance at the 2011 event. It was the first time ASRW has won this award.

ASRW 2013 is scheduled for Oct. 16-19 at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas.


Monro Muffer Brake Comps Decline 4.6%

If it weren’t for sales from new stores, Monro Muffler Brake would have reported lower top-line and bottom-line results for the fiscal second quarter ended Sept. 29, 2012. As it was, net sales increased $3.22 million, or 1.9 percent, to $176.48 million, pushed positive by roughly $15.40 million in sales from new stores (including recently acquired locations). Comparable-store sales fell 4.6 percent on top of a 0.8-percent decline a year ago.

Comparable-store sales decreased 3 percent for tires, 4 percent for alignments, 9 percent for front end and shocks, 11 percent for brakes, and 16 percent for exhaust when compared to the previous year. Maintenance services comps were essentially flat year-over-year, while oil change comps rose 1 percent.

John Van Heel, president and CEO, said Monro’s second-quarter performance reflects the ongoing challenges facing consumers in the current economic environment. “With high gas and food prices, compounded by high unemployment, cautious consumers continue to defer and trade down from higher-cost automotive maintenance and repair purchase,” Van Heel explained.

Gross margin decreased from 41.2 percent in the prior year quarter to 39.6 percent because of increased tire costs, a sales mix shift to lower-margin tire and service categories, and a loss of leverage due to weaker year-over-year comparable-store sales. Net income fell 23.6 percent to $11.55 million.

Looking ahead, Monro expects third-quarter comparable-store sales to come in flat at best with a 3-percent decrease being the worst case. For the full fiscal year, comps are expected to decline between 2 percent and 3.5 percent.

Van Heel said management’s long-term outlook for the industry and the company remain very positive, though they expect that near-term trends will remain choppy as the economic environment continues to weigh on consumer purchasing behavior.

“Trends to date in the third quarter remain challenging, as October month-to-date comparable-store sales are down approximately 6 percent,” he explained. “However, we expect weather to normalize and drive improved comparable-store sales for the remainder of fiscal 2013, as customers turn to us for purchases that can no longer be delayed. We would expect our short-term visibility to improve during November, which is an important month for tire sales, in particular.

“Historically, we have leveraged our strong business model to continue to expand our operations regardless of the economic or operating environment. This is evidenced by our fiscal 2013 completed and signed acquisitions, which represent at least $122 million, or 18 percent, in annualized sales growth. These transactions continue to expand our market share which, in turn, should allow us to achieve greater economies of scale and result in higher operating margins and earnings going forward.”

On Aug. 12, Monro completed the acquisition of 17 service shops (13 locations in Milwaukee and four in South Carolina) from Tuffy Associates Corp. The transaction expanded Monro’s footprint into a new contiguous market while enabling the company to fill in an existing market. Annual sales for these stores are roughly $9 million. The Wisconsin locations were rebranded as Monro, while the South Carolina shops were rebranded as Tread Quarters Discount Tires.

Additionally, on Oct. 7, Monro completed an acquisition from ChesleyCo., a former Midas franchisee, consisting of five shops in Rochester, NY. Annual sales for these locations are approximately $3 million. Four of these stores will be rebranded to Mr. Tire, and one will be rebranded to Monro.

Monro also has a deal in place to acquire a majority of the assets of Tire Barn Warehouse, which has 31 retail tire and service shops in Indiana, Illinois and Tennessee. The transaction is expected to close Nov. 19. The acquired shops produced roughly $60 million in net sales for their previous full fiscal year and will continue to operate under the Tire Barn name post-acquisition.

Analysts from BB&T Capital Markets wrote in an Oct. 26 report that Monro’s acquisition pipeline is bearing fruit. They contend that widespread softness in aftermarket demand in 2012 and the prospect of higher capital gains tax rates in 2013 are driving a record year of acquired sales growth for the company. “With $122 million in trailing 12 months (TTM) sales expected to have closed before calendar-year end, we believe Monro is on track to exceed 20 percent in annualized sales growth from acquisition,” analysts Bret Jordan and David Kelley wrote in their report.                        — Marc Vincent


Business Development Manager – Automotive Aftermarket

We are seeking two full time Business Development Managers for an Automotive Aftermarket Program Group

Job Description:
We need 2 individuals with solid experience in the automotive aftermarket. These individuals will be responsible for driving sales for the Automotive Distribution Network membership in a geographic area, by developing relationships with the membership and their customers. In addition, the individuals will be responsible for developing a partnership with the membership, assisting with growth in the areas of Marketing, IT initiatives, National Accounts, Product Compliance, and Network Products Co-Man Warehouse.

Read More…



Former Midas Executive Now Leads Online Appointment-Setting Company, an online appointment site for auto repair and maintenance work, launched in Greater Chicago in early November with plans for national expansion in 2013.

The company has signed up about 125 local shops so far, including a mix of chains and local garages. Free to customers, the service works on a two-tiered commission payment plan. Fees range from $3 for services with smaller profit margins, such as oil changes and tire rotations, up to $12 for larger jobs like transmission rebuilds.

Repairhub’s founders plan to primarily target women who frequent independent and chain shops. Research shows that female heads of household are making the majority of repair decisions these days, said Garry Rosenfeldt, company co-founder and CEO and a former director of market research for Midas. “My goal is to wake up the industry,” Rosenfeldt said. “You’ve got half the population out there making decisions, and they’re not being catered to.”’s co-founder and chief marketing officer is Brandi Kurtyka. And the company’s advisory board includes businesswomen Jody DeVere, CEO of, an auto blog geared toward women, and Marti Barletta, CEO and founder of The Trendsite Group, which specializes in marketing to women.

The concept for the site has been in the works for a year and a half, and is the result of years of observation and industry research, Rosenfeldt said. The site features a scheduling system that participating shops can use for all appointments, whether they’re from Repairhub or not. Shops can also customize their profile pages with coupons of their choice. For example, they may want to promote service deals during slow business times. Once a customer clicks on a coupon, it’s automatically sent to the shop. They don’t have to download and print the coupon and remember to bring it with them.

The site also offers customers the option to write a review. To keep the reviews honest and current, Rosenfeldt said, only customers who book through Repairhub can write a review, and it must be completed within two weeks.

The site also keeps tabs on service records. “Auto service is a grudge purchase,” Rosenfeldt said. “Our whole concept is about making the process easier.”

Rosenfeldt said he plans to spread the word through his industry contacts, Google pay-per-click investments, and press in local newspapers and magazines. The company is also working on a barter deal with for mutual promotion.’s chief technology officer is Sairam Rangachari.  Other advisory team members include Ron Welty, CEO and founder of Intellishop, a mystery shopping company, and Kent Woloson, sales director at Adparlor.                        — Sarah Hollander


Point of View: Impact Of e-Tailing Quickly Unfolding

As I noted in my “Industry Week Notes” column in last week’s issue of The Greensheet, one of the more compelling speakers I heard in Las Vegas was at the AAIA Town Hall breakfast. Google’s automotive industry director Danielle Russell presented the online search engine’s exclusive data and analysis, revealing motivations, interests, and influences as consumers shop for automotive maintenance products and services via the web.

It wasn’t that Russell was such an enthralling speaker, though she was more than pleasant, very articulate, with a dulcet voice that spoke with passion and energy. And it wasn’t that she presented a wealth of information in her short presentation, getting just a few minutes at the podium prior to a political discussion that had the audience in stitches.

Yet, in that short time, she pointed out some Google figures that must capture your attention: Google sends 40 million people to auto parts and service sites every month, with 24 million visiting aftermarket sites each month. Additionally, there has been an 800-percent increase in mobile look-ups over the past three years. And that should have caught your attention as well.

No one reading this is unaware of the Internet or the impact it has had on all of us. Over the last five years, bandwidth has exploded, mobile devices are in everyone’s pockets, and every aspect of every business is influenced by or affected by electronic functionality. And even this industry – often slow to move into the digital world – has taken great strides in adopting technology and adapting to the new e-tailing world.

Currently, for example, AASA is compiling returns from an industry survey defining the supplier perspective on what it defines as “this high-growth sector” of the aftermarket. A previous AASA survey, released in early October, indicated that aftermarket information technology spending increased significantly in 2012 and at a faster pace than other manufacturers.

AAIW had a number of learning opportunities focused on the subject, at both AAPEX and SEMA, and they were well-attended and took advantage of well-placed players in this market area.

You are certainly not going to get a lecture here on how important this subject is to your future – regardless of where you are in the channel. If you are that far behind, you may wish to consider a second look at your succession plan. This train left the station a few years ago and is moving at an incredible speed.

Nor will you find a lot of “what to do” advice here as well, because things are not that simple regarding the transactional side of the Internet

Technology and the web are like most tools – they are only effective when used properly and specific to the job at hand. Your specific strategy is defined by where you are in the channel, the size of your operation, the nature of your trading partners, and the kind of products and services you either provide or purchase.

This is just a broad-brush approach to the questions you need to address; there are literally thousands of minor steps along the way.

By now, you should have been addressing at least some of the issues your enterprise would face as you decide what your company’s role will be in the new sales environment. And you should be reading as much as you can on the subject, and getting your staff to industry events and conferences that offer speakers with insight into this new selling and purchasing channel.

Over the course of the next year, there will be much offered on this subject, and you and your leadership team need to be in the room when the questions are asked and the answers analyzed.

One of the nice things about the aftermarket is that some of the fundamentals remain in place, but these are interesting times where those fundamentals are being impacted with unique and ever-changing strategies.


Gary A. Molinaro


Notice Of Public Disposition Of Collateral

The following personal property will be sold to the highest qualified bidder at public auction on Tuesday, December 4, 2012 at 10:00 a.m. at Holland & Hart LLP, 222 South Main Street, Suite 2200, Salt Lake City, Utah 84101: United States Patent No. 6,679,351 B2 “Air Turbine for Combustion Engine” for the purpose of foreclosing on collateral securing that certain Loan Agreement dated August 8, 2007, as amended, executed by TTR HP, Inc, in favor of David K. Richards.

Qualified bidders must produce a cashier’s check from a bank acceptable to seller, payable to the David K. Richards Trust, in the amount of $25,000 prior to bidding. The balance of the purchase price is due and payable by 5:00 p.m. Mountain Time on Wednesday, December 5, 2012.

Seller reserves the right to reject any bids it deems unacceptable. Seller makes no representations or warranties, express or implied, as to the property being sold.

For further information, contact Joanna L. Mull,
Holland & Hart, LLP,
222 South Main Street, Suite 2200,
Salt Lake City, Utah 84101,
phone (801) 799-5867.



59% Of Under-35 Service Customers Want Communications Via Mobile Apps

New research from Daytona Beach, FL-based DME Automotive (DME), an automotive marketing firm, finds show that — while all auto service customers are receptive to a diversity of communications platforms — under-35 customers are strikingly receptive, wanting not only more frequent communications, but also wanting communications across all possible platforms, with 59 percent welcoming mobile application communication.

Doug Van Sach, vice president of strategy and analytics at DME, said the data reveals that, for dealerships and service businesses, cross-channel communications are now a must. “Reaching younger customers is a whole new ballgame,” Van Sach explained. “They’re thirsting for communication, prefer it across many platforms, and are researching vehicle maintenance in many new digital places.”

DME’s national survey of 2,000-plus U.S. vehicle owners gauged how people want to receive communications from their service providers and how often, and was analyzed by customer age. Click here for a detailed breakdown of customers’ preferred channel and frequency of communication.

Over a third of consumers indicated that they are open to receiving communications from their automotive service providers via every platform. Not surprisingly, email and mail were the top channels preferred with more than four in five welcoming these methods of contact, and a solid majority wants communications via these channels at minimum every two months to three months. DME says it’s critical to note that, while consumers may be open to recorded calls and texts, businesses must be cautious when implementing these channels, given the rise in litigation and changes in the regulatory landscape.

While the percentages of those under 35 and over 35 desiring mail, email and calls are on par, those under 35 are roughly 2.5 times more open to mobile app notifications and almost twice as likely to desire text messages. In addition, across each platform, the under-35 customer desires more frequent communications (more than once every two months to three months).

Although mobile apps are an emerging technology without the near-universal adoption of email or texting, 59 percent of those under 35 — and 35 percent of all customers — welcome mobile app communications from service providers.

Those under 35 are roughly three times more likely to use mobile apps, use them daily, and have one from a dealer/service provider. And, with six in 10 of those under 35 using mobile apps at least every two days — and three in five welcoming service providers to reach them in this manner — DME contends that mobile apps represent a uniquely powerful way to reach the next-generation servicer where they live: on smartphones and tablets.

The survey also captured the resources service customers are using in their auto service research process. Click here for a breakdown of these sources.

While the owner’s manual, family and friends, and service centers were the top sources of vehicle maintenance information for both those over and under 35, those under 35 research harder, using every traditional and digital resource at higher rates than those over 35 … with the exception of the owner’s manual. And the younger servicer is far more likely to use digital platforms. For instance, they are four to six times more likely to turn to social networking sites, online videos or blogs in their service information quest.

“Most service providers’ outreach is focused on mail and email, which the data shows remain imperative channels. But too many other disconnects remain, with customers wanting communication through channels that dealers/service providers are not addressing,” Van Sach said. “This is starkly true with the information-hungry, under-35 customer, who is more likely to research service using every available on- or offline resource, and wants communications across more channels. These all-platform consumers are trailblazing the behavior that other customer segments will likely — and that service providers must — ultimately follow.”


WLR Automotive Marks 25th Anniversary With $25,000 Giveaway To Charity

The WLR Automotive Group (Frederick, MD) is celebrating its 25th anniversary by giving away a total of $25,000 to non-profit groups operating in Maryland and York County in Pennsylvania. The public has until Dec. 14 to nominate non-profit groups at the website In January, people will be asked to vote for the non-profit of their choice. The five candidates receiving the highest number of votes by Jan. 24 will each be awarded $5,000.

WLR Automotive operates 16 vehicle maintenance, repair and car wash facilities throughout Maryland and in Pennsylvania under the names The Lube Centers, The Auto Spa and The Auto Repairs.


The Marx Group: Account Executive Position

The Marx Group is a full-service marketing communications agency and is considered one of the automotive/commercial vehicle aftermarket leaders for strategic planning and marketing communications and tactics.

We are seeking an Account Executive for our San Rafael, CA office to develop/maintain relationships with new/existing clients and bring in new business.

  • Required: aftermarket and marketing experience



Pep Boys Offers Free Auto Services To Those Affected By Hurricane Sandy

Philadelphia-based Pep Boys is offering free automotive services to drivers in the areas of the Northeast United States affected by Hurricane Sandy. The services will be offered through Nov. 21 in stores covering all of New Jersey, New York, eastern Pennsylvania and northern Delaware. A full list of participating stores and additional information is available here.

Pep Boys is also offering a free preventative maintenance and safety inspection to identify possible storm-related damage. No applications, coupons or codes are needed, the company assures. The free services will be applied automatically at check-out.

“Pep Boys is an East Coast company, and we have seen firsthand the devastation Sandy has left in its wake,” said Mike Odell, president and CEO. “Our hearts go out to everyone affected by the storm. Our stores and associates remain committed to helping people drive safely, and we offer these services as a way to assist people in these communities to get back on their feet during these difficult days.”

Pep Boys also has opened its stores to people who just need to warm up or use free WiFi as another effort to help the Northeast communities.


A New Multi-Lingual Platform From R.O. Writer

Progressive Automotive Systems (Juno Beach, FL) plans to release a multi-lingual platform for its R.O. Writer shop management software in the first quarter of 2013. It will initially be launched to independent automotive service centers in Mexico and Canada, with roll-out to emerging South American markets and beyond in the latter half of 2013.

In addition to this multi-lingual platform, R.O. Writer has added new features to identify the parts and labor needed to build an accurate estimate. And enhanced parts sourcing through NAPA ProLink allows users to compare pricing and automatically calculate profit margins. Additionally, a new multi-store management option allows users to access vehicle repair information from multiple locations.


Mitchell 1 Introduces SureTrack

Poway, CA-based Mitchell 1 has released SureTrack, a new all-in-one repair information resource for aftermarket automotive shops. SureTrack was designed to provide a short and direct path to the most likely repair for specific symptoms on a specific vehicle. The technology combines diagnostic experience with repair timesavers and parts replacement records in an interactive forum.

SureTrack will be available by subscription as a standalone product and as an optional module within ProDemand from Mitchell 1. In addition, SureTrack will be available as an optional module in ShopKey Pro from Snap-on and as an integrated component of Snap-on’s Windows-based diagnostic platforms, Verus and Verdict.

SureTrack is the result of a collaborative development effort between Mitchell 1 and Snap-on.


Measurement Limited Inc.: Rep Agencies Wanted

Measurement Limited Inc., a manufacturer of digital tire pressure gauges and other electronic consumer products is actively seeking Retail and WD manufacturers reps.

Contact: Bob Van Zeyl
Or visit us at AAPEX booth # 2654



Former Industrial Enterprises CEO John Mazzuto Sentenced To As Much As 4-1/2 Years In Prison

Speedemissions Inc. — a vehicle emissions testing and safety inspections company with shops in Atlanta, Houston, St. Louis and Salt Lake City — has announced plans to conduct a pilot program of repairing vehicles that do not pass emission testing. The program will be tested in all four cities with one store in each market being set up for this pilot.

Rich Parlontieri, the president and CEO of Atlanta-based Speedemissions, said that emission repair is something that management has been reviewing for quite some time. “Offering emission repair services to our customers whose vehicles fail the EPA-mandated test is, in today’s busy lifestyle, a real convenience for them,” Parlontieri said. “They’ll be able to get the car repaired, retested and be on their way without leaving the Speedemissions location.”

Speedemissions will be able to send customers from its other stores in a given market to the location that is handling emission repairs. “We believe this new service has the opportunity to add real value to our business by increasing store revenue and would hope to expand this service into several other stores in the first quarter of 2013,” Parlontieri explained.

This comes at a time when management is working on new initiatives to combat increased competition in the emissions-testing and inspection business following new laws in some of its markets. In attempt to mitigate the plethora of new competitors, Speedemissions has worked to cut operating expenses at both the corporate and store level, step up the sale of products such as windshield wipers and light bulbs, and launch a franchising program.

Just last month, management announced that Speedemissions is now ready to sell its franchise store model under the brand name SpeedEmissions Car Care. Franchises will be made available to qualified store operators who have an interest in either a single or multi-location opportunity in a number of cities where emission testing, safety inspections and similar automotive services are required.

Parlontieri said he is encouraged by the initial amount of inquiries Speedemissions received after it announced its plans to launch this new business unit back in June. “Our initial focus for the selling of franchises will be in the states of Massachusetts, Missouri, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Texas and Utah,” he said.


Deal In Place To Sell Safety-Kleen

Norwell, MA-based Clean Harbors, a provider of environmental, energy and industrial services, has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Safety-Kleen Inc., which is billed as the largest re-refiner and recycler of used oil in North America, as well as a provider of parts cleaning and environmental services.

Safety-Kleen has more than 200 locations across North America, employs roughly 4,200, and operates a service fleet of more than 2,300 vehicles and 1,000 rail cars. The company collects approximately 200 million gallons of used oil annually, the majority of which it returns to the marketplace as reusable motor oil.

Under the terms of the agreement, Clean Harbors will purchase Safety-Kleen in an all-cash transaction valued at $1.25 billion. The deal is subject to approval by U.S. and Canadian regulators, as well as other customary closing conditions. The transaction is expected to be completed by year-end.

The transaction allows Clean Harbors to broaden its waste treatment capabilities to include re-refining waste oil and expanded solvent recycling capabilities; capitalize on the growing demand for recycled products, including re-refined oil; and leverage the combined sales forces to maximize cross-selling opportunities.

Clean Harbors intends to maintain the Safety-Kleen brand and operate its network of branch locations as a subsidiary.

The two companies are not strangers. Not only has Safety-Kleen been a large customer of Clean Harbors’ environmental services business, but, about a decade ago, it was Clean Harbors that acquired Safety-Kleen’s chemical services division.


Silla Automotive: Branch Sales Managers & District Sales Managers

Silla Is Growing! Silla Automotive is seeking Branch Sales Managers and District Sales Managers in locations throughout U.S. Immediate openings in Atlanta, Modesto, Bay Area.

Branch Sales Manager requires experience in sales, customer service, warehouse, delivery dispatch and inventory control.

District Sales Manager will develop new business for multiple branches. Must have automotive parts sales experience, good communication skills, and able to travel 65% to 75% per month in multi-state region.

Send resume to
or come visit us at APPEX Booth #4865



API’s Motor Oil Matters Campaign Launches Licensing Drive

The American Petroleum Institute (API) has launched licensing efforts for motor oil distributors and oil-change locations. This endeavor is part of API’s expanded Motor Oil Matters (MOM) campaign. Created to bring together everyone involved in the bulk motor oil chain of custody — including motor oil marketers, distributors, oil-change locations and consumers — MOM is designed to ensure that drivers get the right motor oil for their cars and trucks, every time.

API has been licensing motor oil meeting its performance standards, as well as sampling and testing them in the marketplace, for many years. But monitoring the quality of motor oils sold in bulk has been a challenge. API developed MOM to complement its current oil-quality monitoring program and to provide greater assurance that the industry markets, delivers, and installs high-quality motor oils. This is to be accomplished by maintaining a secure chain-of-custody for bulk motor oil, from the marketer all the way to the vehicle.

The organization has published a standard for establishing motor oil chain of custody, outlining basic procedures to ensure that distributors are able to identify the oil that they deliver to oil-change locations and these locations, in turn, are able to identify the oil they put into customers’ vehicles. Every customer of a MOM-licensed location receives a written receipt with the brand name, viscosity and performance level of the oil installed in his or her car.

API will certify motor oil distributors and oil-change locations, identifying them as businesses committed to delivering quality oils. These distributors and locations will be able to market and advertise themselves as businesses that have successfully implemented API’s new standard, with the goal of assuring customers that they are trusted service providers.

Additionally, efforts will be made to educate consumers about the benefits of using quality motor oils through online, social media and industry events.


Terry’s Tire Town Debuts Tire Buying Website

Terry’s Tire Town now offers a website ( that allows consumers across the Midwest and eastern United States to price multiple brands and then place an order for next-day installation at a participating local dealer. These independent tire dealers are trained, certified and recognized by the corresponding tire manufacturers.

According to the company, more than 300 dealers are already participating in the network. And that number is expected to grow. Terry’s Tire Town developed the website in partnership with Cookeville, TN-based Tire Company Solutions (TCS).

Alliance, OH-based Terry’s Tire Town operates 11 warehouses across the eastern and Midwestern United States. The company also administers American Car Care Centers (ACCC) and Eco Express programs in 12 states.


Big O Tires Waives Franchise Fees For Vets

Big O Tires (Juno Beach, FL) has announced that it will waive the $30,000 franchise fee for qualified U.S. Armed Forces veterans when they open their initial Big O Tires franchise. Big O has more than 400 franchised and company-owned stores primarily located in the western and Midwestern United States. It also distributes tires and other automotive service products to associate dealers in western Canada.


Auto Parts Distributor for Sale – Western US

$4.3 Million annual sales, highly profitable, main warehouse + 2 satellite delivery points, located in major Western U.S. city. Loyal professional installer customer base, excellent reputation, strong management team, well known brands, new IT systems, loyal employees and highly efficient routing/delivery system. Member national program group. Owner will stay to support seamless transfer.

Serious parties only. Inquire Paul Cooperstein, Marx Group Advisors, or call (617) 328-7333.



MACS To Release New HVAC Textbook

MACS Worldwide has authored a new textbook, Modern Automotive HVAC: Electrical & Electronic Systems. This new textbook is a continuation of MACS’ flagship textbook Modern Automotive HVAC Systems released in 2011. The purpose of the new tome is to educate readers about the importance of the electrical system in relation to the HVAC system.

The new textbook will be for sale at the MACS 2013 Training Event & Trade Show, which will be held Feb. 7-9 in Orlando, FL.


Haynes Appoints New Business Development, Sales VP

Marcus Perks, currently general manager of the Haynes Manuals business in Australia, which operates as a branch of the U.S. company, is now the vice president of business development and sales within Haynes Manuals Inc. In this new position, Perks supervises all sales activities in North America, as well as for initiatives designed to create new growth and the expansion of the Haynes business in the United States, Canada and Australia.

Before joining Haynes three years ago, Perks held sales management and then general manager positions with Universal Publishers (a division of Telstra and former owner of Gregory’s manuals) in Australia. Prior to that, he worked for Castrol, handling retail sales across Australia and dealing heavily with national accounts.


TARA Picks Wade & Partners As Association Manager

The Truck Frame & Axle Repair Association (TARA) has retained Wade & Partners to manage the association. Wade & Partners’ responsibilities include organizing clinics, technical programs and an annual convention. The firm also will handle membership, online development, the newsletter and trade show participation.

TARA was founded in 1966 as a trade association serving specialists in the truck repair industry. It provides technician continuing-education programs to keep shops up-to-date in diagnosing and repairing frame, front-end, suspension, brake and handling problems. Members of the association consist of service providers specializing in heavy-duty truck, tractor and trailer chassis frame, axles, housings, and wheel, straightening, balancing and alignment service and parts distribution.

Elgin, IL-based Wade & Partners is the association management firm for the Heavy Duty Representatives Association (HDRA) and the Service Specialists Association (SSA). The firm previously managed the Council of Fleet Specialists (now the Commercial Vehicle Solutions Network), as well as the Heavy Duty Maintenance Group (HVMG).


Cyclo Industries: Rep Agencies wanted!

Since 1959, Cyclo Industries offers a complete line of professionally formulated, time-tested cleaners, lubricants, additives and appearance products in dynamic packages – our products have been used and preferred by professional mechanics to maintain and extend the use and performance of automobiles, trucks, boats, planes, heavy-duty equipment, industrial machinery and agricultural equipment. Cyclo is dedicated to giving our customers the best products available, backed by superior service and support that provides them with the competitive edge!

Seeking reps for the M.I.N.K. States and Florida, Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Washington, Oregon, Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico and Colorado area.
Read More…



Tim McDonnell Re-Elected AMI Co-Chair

Tim McDonnell, Mitchell 1’s national training manager, has been re-elected to serve another term as co-chairman of the Automotive Management Institute (AMI) board of trustees. He joined the board as an industry member in 2009 and was first elected to the co-chairman post in 2010.


News Briefs 11/14/12

Tint World has launched an online aftermarket styling accessories store. It allows users to buy products online and get them installed at their local Tint World center. Among the car and truck accessories included on the site are mobile electronics, ground effect kits, custom wheels and performance parts.

Gates Corp. has debuted an Android version of its Parts Image Capture (PIC) gauge belt wear application, which is designed to measure and evaluate serpentine belt wear. The app was initially released for the iPhone this summer.

• Mighty Auto Parts has developed a campaign to position its customers as specialists in computerized tire pressure maintenance. The goal is to grow sales and profits by raising the profile of TPMS services as part of a shop’s preventive maintenance capabilities.

• The new Mahle Original filters website ( includes a tool for shop owners. By inputting a ZIP code, users get the percentage of European vehicles in operation specific to that area.

The Timken Co.’s aftermarket catalog site,, is now available in Spanish and French. This applies to both the online and mobile versions of the catalog.

• New members joining ASA between now and Dec. 7 will be entered into a drawing to win a $100 Visa gift card.