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Sky Blue Adds Disinfecting, Cleaning Items To Its Offering

Sky Blue Industries now offers Excelyte disinfecting solution and Catholyte Zero cleaning products from Integrated Environmental Technologies Ltd. (IET). Sky Blue is a manufacturer and distributor of chemicals and provides services to various transportation and auto care businesses. Its customers include auto and truck rental fleets, transport carriers, transportation maintenance facilities, car dealerships and fast-lube shops. Sky Blue primarily distributes products in Utah, Idaho, Nevada, Wyoming and Montana.

David LaVance — the chairman, president and CEO of IET — said there is a “tremendous opportunity” for Excelyte and Catholyte Zero throughout these industries, ranging from the cleaning and disinfecting of passenger cars to the cleaning and disinfecting of long-haul trucks.

Steven Griffin, president of Sky Blue, added that the growth in bacteria and virus outbreaks has created the need to disinfect automobiles and trucks, especially those vehicles that are rented to the general public and those involved in produce and food hauling. “The Excelyte and Catholyte Zero solutions allow us to offer our customers an effective, non-toxic, environmentally responsible alternative to hazardous chemicals traditionally prevalent in commercial use.”

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