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Speedemissions Touts New Branding, Customer Initiatives

Atlanta-based Speedemissions Inc. has announced that, while its corporate name will remain the same, it plans to operate its shops in 2014 under two new brands: Expresso Emissions and Expresso Car Care Cafe.

Expresso Emissions shops will continue to provide vehicle emission testing and safety inspections in those markets where it is required, as well as sell light bulbs, wipers and headlight restoration services. The Expresso Car Cafe facilities will handle the same services, plus emission repair, diagnostics, engine tune-up, brake repair, radiator and air conditioning flushes, oil changes, and more.

The Expresso Car Care Cafe shops also will feature a new design. They will be between 3,300 and 4,400 square feet, with either four or six bays for auto services and almost 2,000 square feet dedicated to the customer experience. These shops will offer free Wi-Fi and secured tablets for customers to use while getting their vehicles serviced, roughly 30 linear feet of display space to sell merchandise, and a valet service to provide customers with transportation to and from work or home.

President and CEO Rich Parlontieri said that, as a means to accelerate development, Speedemissions will not be in the real estate business, but rather will be working with several of its current landlords to become partners in the project. “We expect to open two to four Express Car Care Cafe stores in 2014,” Parlontieri said. “With respect to the current Speedemissions testing stores, they will, over the course of the year, be rebranded with the Expresso Emissions logo design and colors, but will not be converted into Expresso Car Care Cafe stores because of existing building constraints.”

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