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U.S. Cellular Selling Delphi Connect

Delphi Automotive has expanded the sale of its car-to-cloud/cloud-to-car connectivity system to U.S. Cellular customers. Sold at U.S. Cellular retail stores and online, the Delphi Connect system allows car owners to remotely control, monitor and track their vehicle in real-time via a smartphone, tablet or computer.

Delphi Connect plugs into a vehicle’s OBD II port. The system operates through downloadable smartphone applications, as well as a web portal. Features include:
• Vehicle health: Diagnose a vehicle’s engine health, vehicle performance issues and monitor overall vehicle status;
• Virtual key fob: Lock or unlock vehicle doors, open the trunk, start or stop the engine, and operate the panic horn with a virtual key fob on a smart device.
• Geo-fencing: Designate up to six circular “fences” around specified locations and receive alerts when the vehicle enters and exits a fenced area
• Live tracking: Enables real-time vehicle tracking with five-second updates, showing vehicle speed and direction
• The ability to add modules to a common Delphi Connect account to access all vehicles from one account.

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