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Scott Brown Launches Diagnostic Network

Former iATN president Scott Brown has launched Diagnostic Network, a startup venture aimed at helping automotive, collision, and heavy-duty professionals master the service and repair of modern vehicles. Brown anticipates website availability by the end of May and hopes to have 5,000 members signed up for the subscription-based service in a year’s time.

Brown sees Diagnostic Network as a modern tool for the next-level pro, a path for those looking to modernize their skills. The platform will include an online stream, separated by category and open for peer discussion, partner collaboration, and education.

In addition to Brown, the Diagnostic Network team includes a couple of developers, a couple of advisors, and about a dozen industry people helping to test and shape the platform.

Brown plans to initially focus on diagnostic technicians and the industry partners who provide the tools, equipment, software, and training for the vehicle service industry.

“The tech gap is huge between what’s coming out in cars and the general skills set to fix them,” Brown said. “Our partners recognize that.”

So far, 14 corporate partners — including ASE Training Managers Council, Carquest Technical Institute and the Automotive Training Group — have pledged to provide financial support and topic experts. Their contributions could range from articles to tech tips to case studies.

Over 200 customers have signed up for a year of access sight unseen, according to Brown.

Flexibility will be a key selling point. Techs who may not have time for a traditional class, or who want to supplement a class, could devote 10 minutes to 15 minutes to the site during their work day, he said. “We all have very busy lives, and, with all this digital white noise, it’s hard to slice time out.”

Brown left iATN, where he worked for 22 years, in February. This new venture is more narrowly focused on future technology, he said.

“This service is a next-generation tool to grow and support the diagnostician of tomorrow operating at least five levels above today’s norm,” Brown said.        — Sarah Hollander

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